Dear members of the AIB community

It is my pleasure to inform you that applications to the *Third edition *of
the Urbino* PhD Programme in Global Studies *are now open, with deadline on
June 10th, 2019, 12:00 CEST.   Please circulate this information to
interested and highly motivated students.

The upcoming 2019-2020 edition focuses on  : *International Economic
Policy, Business and Governance*. A specific attention will be given to:

   - economic growth, technological change and inequality across and within
   - the international strategies of firms (multinational corporations and
   SMEs), finance and labour;
   - political processes and policies of European and international
   institutions and nation states for the governance of globalisation.

The Ph.D. Programme is developed over three years (from Fall 2019 until
Fall 2022) and will be organised as follows:

• a first year of courses, seminars and exams in Urbino;

• a second year of international research and training, mainly spent in
international institutions associated to the Programme;

• a third year of research activity for completing the Ph.D. thesis.

*English* will be the working language of the Ph.D. Programme.

*Eight positions* are offered, including *seven positions with scholarships*
 covering fees and an annual tax-free stipend at standard Italian rates
(EUR 15,300 per year, subject to National Social Insurance in compliance
with current regulations; the amount is increased by 50% for training
periods outside Italy).

*The Faculty* of the Ph.D. Programme draws from the staff of the University
of Urbino and from a number of outstanding international institutions.

*Services*. Low cost accommodation opportunities at student residences
located in the beautiful Renaissance city of Urbino. University facilities
for students include meal services, computer services, libraries, city-wide
wifi connection, fully equipped office for PhD students while in Urbino,
cultural opportunities and events for exploring the rich heritage of the

Please visit our *website* to have more
detailed information on the 2019/20 edition of the Programme (which will
focus on economic and socio-political aspects of globalisation), as well as
an anticipation of the contents of the 2020/21 edition (which will focus on
sociological and legal aspects of globalisation).


*June 10th 2019 (at 12:00 CEST):* Applications due for the 2019/20 Edition
of the PhD

*July 2nd 2019:* Interview of selected candidates

*Information* on the Ph.D. Programme and Faculty is available at the

A leaflet with details on the 2019/20 edition of the Programme is available

Contact: [log in to unmask]

Director of the Ph.D. Programme: Prof. Antonello Zanfei, DESP - University
of Urbino

Kind regards,
Antonello Zanfei

PhD in Global Studies
Department of Economics, Society and Politics (DESP)
University of Urbino
Via Saffi 42, 61029 Urbino
0039 0722305508
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