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Volume 26, issue 1

Power distance in India: Paternalism, religion and caste: some issues surrounding the implementation of lean production techniques<>

Sagi Mathew<>, Greig Taylor<> (pp. 2 - 23)

Keywords: Lean production<>, Power distance<>, Employee relations<>, India<>, Religion and caste<>, Chamchagiri<>, Yes boss<>, Paternal relationship<>

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Host country experience, institutional distance and location choice of Chinese MNEs: The moderating effect of government official visits<>

Diego Quer<>, Laura Rienda<>, Rosario Andreu<>, Si Miao<> (pp. 24 - 45)

Keywords: Chinese MNEs<>, Location of FDIs<>

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Does cultural intelligence increase work engagement? The role of idiocentrism-allocentrism and organizational culture in MNCs<>

Rachel Gabel-Shemueli<>, Mina Westman<>, Shoshi Chen<>, Danae Bahamonde<> (pp. 46 - 66)

Keywords: Organizational culture<>, Cultural intelligence<>, Engagement<>, Idiocentrism-allocentrism<>

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Psychological adjustment and social capital: a qualitative investigation of Chinese expatriates<>

Beiting He<>, Ran An<>, John Berry<> (pp. 67 - 92)

Keywords: Social capital<>, Organizational support<>, Grounded theory<>, Acculturation<>, Chinese expatriates<>, Psychological adjustment<>

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What would people do with their money if they were rich? A search for Hofstede dimensions across 52 countries<>

Michael Minkov<>, Pinaki Dutt<>, Michael Schachner<>, Janar Jandosova<>, Yerlan Khassenbekov<>, Oswaldo Morales<>, Vesselin Blagoev<> (pp. 93 - 116)

Keywords: Consumer behaviour<>, Hofstede’s cultural dimensions<>, Collectivism/Individualism<>, Masculinity/Femininity<>, Monumentalism/Flexibility<>

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