Dear colleagues,

Incheon National University is pleased to invite university presidents and
scholars to participate in our new research and conference to be held at
Incheon National University from July 3 to July 5, 2019.

Around the world today, multifaceted transformations are inducing academia
to move away from its traditional approaches. Whether in technology,
politics, culture, or the environment, there is a call on us to not just
passively follow but innovatively lead the future by enhancing our value
for industry needs and social challenges. Such an effort requires the
development of a new system that is able to better measure and evaluate the
performance of universities around the world. In particular, the increasing
involvement of university in the global economy is closely linked to the
international business scholars. Hence, the investigation on the changing
pattern of assessing university performance will offer insights for the
research and teaching of international business scholars.

The Organizing Committee of the 2nd Conference of Hanseatic League of
Universities has formed a task force to develop a new university ranking
system under the title of the “World’s Universities with Real Impact
(WURI).” This ranking establishes a new foundation for higher education to
effectively address global challenges and become more innovative for our
future. Through this newly developed evaluation system, the contributions
from universities to society will be accurately measured with the following
three aspects:

1) Industrial applications rather than the traditional ways of counting
research papers and lecture-type teaching;

2) Value-creating startups and entrepreneurship rather than a traditional
focus on the number of jobs filled; and

3) Social responsibility, ethics, and integrity, rather than a focus on
knowledge and skills just for material success.

If your university has initiated innovative programs that reflect these
three directions as a new value for education, we kindly ask you to join us
and share your insights and experiences in making a real impact on the

First, please send us a description about your innovative program to be
included in the book of case studies on innovative universities so that we
can share your valuable experience with the participants of the conference.
For this, please complete the attached template by providing information
about your university’s innovative program and *return it to me (*
*[log in to unmask]* <[log in to unmask]>*) by June 10, 2019*. Your innovative
program will then be automatically included as a candidate for the Top 100
WURI’20. The results will be presented at the 3rd Conference of Hanseatic
League of Universities in 2020.

Second, we wish to offer you the opportunity to participate in our
conference. This will be the occasion where university leaders throughout
the world will assemble to discuss innovation and entrepreneurship as a
true means for universities to revitalize their contributions to society.
The invitation extended by the Organizing Committee is for 2 persons per
university: president or president-designee and her/his associate. Please
use the enclosed registration form or access for the online

For your benefit, the hosting university of this conference, Incheon
National University, will provide two representatives from your university
with accommodation for three nights as well as local transportation to the
conference venue.

We look forward to warmly welcoming your participation toward creating this
new evaluation system and to meeting you at the conference in July. Please
feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

MOON Hwy-Chang, Ph.D.

Task Force Chair of the World’s University with Real Impact

The 2nd Conference of the Hanseatic League of Universities

Professor Emeritus of International Business and Strategy

Graduate School of International Studies

Seoul National University

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