April 30 deadline approaching…

Dear AIB Members,

Please consider nominating yourself or a colleague to the Women in the AIB (WAIB) Executive Board. Nominees must be current members of WAIB and able to serve from 2019-2021, starting July 2019. Nominations and self-nominations should be emailed to the WAIB Immediate-Past-President, Amanda Bullough, at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>

WAIB Executive Board position descriptions and responsibilities are in the attached Constitution and By-Laws by which WAIB is governed. The following are the open positions for election: Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Communications Officer, Events & Membership Officer, Academic Research Officer, Chapter-Liaison Officer, and a Student-Member-at-Large held by a currently-enrolled PhD student. As stipulated in WAIB’s Constitution and By-Laws, the current Vice President, Amanda Budde-Sung, will automatically assume the role of President.

The elections process will proceed as follows:

Stage 1: Nominations

Email nominations should include the nominee’s first and last name, email address, the Board position the nominee is running for, and a 1-2 paragraph biography. If nominating someone else, that individual must be copied to the email nomination and must reply to either accept or decline the nomination. April 30th is the deadline for nominations.

Stage 2: Elections

After nominations have been finalized, Immediate-Past-President, Amanda Bullough will verify that each nominee is indeed a WAIB member in good standing. Then, an electronic ballot will be emailed directly to WAIB members, with a personalized link that cannot be shared with others. Only WAIB members are eligible to vote. Elections will take place over a three-week period and conclude in mid-May.

Attached are the Constitution and By-Laws by which WAIB is governed. Below are the specific details about WAIB elections.

·         The Executive Board shall serve for a period of two-years, beginning and ending with the AIB Annual Meeting.

·         Elections for new Executive Board Members will be held 2-4 months in advance of the AIB Annual Meeting in the second year of the current Executive Board’s two-year term.

·         The Immediate-Past-President shall be responsible for organizing and implementing a call for candidates and the ballot of Officers. This may be done in collaboration with the AIB Secretariat.

·         The entire election process will be carried out via any non-verbal means deemed reasonable by the Immediate-Past-President and the current WAIB Executive Board (email, social media, electronic survey, etc.).

·         In response to a call for candidates, any WAIB member in good standing may nominate her/himself as a candidate for any of the positions, or any individual WAIB member may nominate another WAIB member.

·         Letters of nomination or self-nomination (via email text is acceptable) shall present a rationale in support of the nominee. The nominee shall explicitly accept of nomination.

·         All current WAIB members in good standing with the AIB have voting rights.

·         Candidates receiving the largest number of votes, out of the total number of votes cast for a particular office, shall be deemed elected and their names forwarded to the Executive Committee of AIB.

·         Results of the officer elections shall be officially announced at that year’s WAIB networking event. Incoming Executive Board members can be notified in advance, to ensure attendance at these events as much as possible.

Best wishes,

Malika Richards

Malika Richards, Ph.D.
President, Women in the Academy of International Business (WAIB)
Professor of Management
Pennsylvania State University - Berks
Reading, PA  19610
Phone: (610) 396-6096<callto:(610)%20396-6096>

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