Two Day International Conference


Kautilya and the Contemporary World


Economy, Strategy, Governance


16th&17th March 2019


Centre for Professional Development and Higher Education (CPDHE), University of Delhi, New Delhi

Call for Papers

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Shri K. N. Govindacharya

Renowned Economist, Social and Political Thinker,

Shri Basavraj Patil

Former Member – Rajya Sabha,

Dr. Nand Kishore Garg

Renowned Academician and Chancellor, Maharaja Agrasen University,

Dr. Lallan Prasad

Former Head and Dean- Department of Business Economics, South Campus, Delhi University. 

Dr. Balbir Singh Sihag

Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA

Shri S. Gurumurthi,

Director (non-official) - RBI, Co-convener–Swadeshi Jagran Manch;

Dr. Radha Krishnan Pillai,

Deputy Director- CIILS, Mumbai University



Kautilya is known for two great events of Indian history (a) Founding the Maurya Empire by overthrowing the Nanda dynasty and (b) Author of ancient Indian treatise on statecraft, economic policy, and military strategy - the Arthashastra. Kautilya was a learned, experienced, ethical, intelligent, progressive, independent and creative thinker. He understood that every individual aspires to enjoy prosperity, security, safety and a brightest possible future for the children and grandchildren. Kautilya’s Arthashastra is a world heritage. For the first time in human history, the role of the government was expanded to engineer shared prosperity, help the helpless and provide protection to those who cannot protect themselves. Kautilya provided the very first meaningful definition of justice. He introduced statistics, mathematics and more than a score of basic concepts to economics. However, the most important contribution of the Arthashastra is: an ounce of ethics is better than a ton of laws. According to Kautilya, economists, and policymakers, in addition to eliminating the budget deficit and trade deficit, should also focus on eliminating the trust deficit for making lives richer and fuller.


Kautilya’s Arthashastra is a manual on fulfilling all the aspirations of all the people by eliminating moral hazard problem, poverty, and systemic risk. In fact, a stakeholders-model in which the businessmen, workers, and consumers share prosperity is discernible in his Arthashastra. Perhaps, based on his own experience, Kautilya believed that poverty was death while living. It is shown that his approach is suitable to both developed and developing economies. Kautilya stressed that unless each decision-maker (ruler or a CEO) were a ‘rajarishi’, that is ethical and wise as a sage, moral hazard problem could not be eliminated. Presentation of Kautilya’s seminal contributions to economics also helps in dispelling some long-standing myths.


Kautilya International Foundation, New Delhi is organizing Two Day International Conference to understand the past and discuss a future paradigm on Kautilya’s contributions.


Major objectives of the conference are:


1.  To congregate scholars, experts, and organizations working in the discipline of Economy, Strategy, and Governance whose broad area of study and/or work compliment Kautilya and/or Arthaśāstra.

2.  To discuss the recent trends in socio-economic development and its impact on society.

3.  To figure out the major challenges and limitations of modern socio-economic theories.

4.  To establish the relevance of the Kautilya philosophy in the current scenario.

5.  To establish new methodologies, in line with the principles of Kautilya, for the solutions of current problems.

6.  To publish and distribute the souvenir and conference proceeding.


Dates - Two day Conference on will be held on 16th &17th March 2019.

Venue - Centre for Professional Development and Higher Education (CPDHE), University of Delhi, New Delhi


Theme (Not limited to)

     a) Economy, Trade and Foreign Policies

     b) Defense and Security

     c) Law and Justice

     d) Governance and administration.

     e) Education and Culture


Mode of Presentation

Paper presenters are invited to make presentations on any key theme. The duration of the presentation for selected papers will be for 10 to 20 minutes. This will be followed by questions and answers time. Foreign Delegates who cannot participate in person can send video presentation. A video presentation will be played during the course of the conference.

Guidelines for Authors

Submission of Manuscripts: Authors are strongly encouraged to submit manuscripts electronically. Manuscripts should be sent electronically via email to Dr. Rudresh Pandey on email - [log in to unmask]

Thanking you,
With warm regards,

Prof. (Dr.) Rudresh Pandey
National Co-Convener, KIF
Co-Chair - Organizing committee KCW 2019
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