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Vishal K. Gupta, The University of Alabama, USA 

Galina V. Shirokova, St. Petersburg University, Russia 

Amit Karna, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India 

Ayse Banu Goktan, University of North Texas at Dallas, USA

The past few years have witnessed a significant numbers of papers in the area of strategic entrepreneurship (Hitt and Ireland, 2017). Hitt, Ireland, Camp, and Sexton (2002: 2) define strategic entrepreneurship as “entrepreneurial action that is taken with a strategic perspective”. For many, strategic entrepreneurship involves the integration of strategic (meaning, advantage- seeking actions) and entrepreneurial (meaning, opportunity-seeking actions) behaviors. Venkataraman and Sarasvathy (2001) colorfully describe strategic entrepreneurship as the presence of Romeo (entrepreneur) on the balcony (strategy).

Gartner (2014) considered research handbooks to have two key objectives: (a) provide readers with a framework to help make sense of the comprehensiveness of an academic field of research; and (b) offer deep knowledge and insights into particular topic areas within that framework. As such, we are looking for high-quality ambitious papers that can summarize the research on particular topics within strategic entrepreneurship. This can include, but is not limited to, meta-analysis (Hilger, Mankel, & Richter, 2013), systematic reviews (Berns & Klarner, 2017), thought pieces (Schindehutte & Morris, 2009), and provocative commentaries (Knippenberg & Sitkin, 2013). We invite articles pertaining to either theoretical and/or methodological issues in particular areas of strategic entrepreneurship or about the field as a whole. In terms of conceptual issues, possible topics include entrepreneurial leadership, firm growth, strategic orientation, innovation, and alliances and networks to name a few. In terms of empirical issues, possible topics will include endogeneity, control variable usage, and qualitative research, to name a few. The handbook will broadly have two sections:

  1. Conceptual or Theoretical Issues in Strategic Entrepreneurship Research
  2. Methodological Issues in Strategic Entrepreneurship Research

Hitt et al’s (2001) seminal handbook on strategic entrepreneurship birthed the field of strategic entrepreneurship inquiry, drawing scholars from a variety of backgrounds to research in this important area. Given that about 18 years have passed since their seminal contribution, and a large numbers of articles have been published on strategic entrepreneurship during this time, we view this Handbook as a successor publication that will serve to explore how far we have come and where we can go from here.

The Handbook will be published by Edward Elgar (https://www.e-elgar.com/). All Edward Elgar handbooks so far have been accepted into the Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index (part of the Web of Science) and SCOPUS. As such, the present handbook is also expected to be included in these Indexes, ensuring it has good visibility and tangible citations.

If you are interested in submitting to the Handbook, please email a maximum one-page proposal by March 31, 2019 to Banu Goktan ([log in to unmask]), co-editor for the Handbook. Full papers will be due July 31, 2019. Submissions should be prepared in accordance with AMJ’s style guide. Questions regarding any aspect of the Handbook may be directed to the co-editors: Vishal K. Gupta ([log in to unmask]), Galina Shirokova ([log in to unmask]), or Amit Karna ([log in to unmask]). We look forward to your submission! 

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