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Innovation and Disruption in Knowledge Industry in the Global World


VOLUME EDITORS: J. Jay Choi and Bora Ozkan

 This edited book is scheduled as volume 20 of International Finance Review (IFR), an annual book series, to be published in 2020. IFR publishes theme-oriented edited volumes on various issues in international finance, including global dimensions of financial economics, accounting and strategy. IFR is indexed by AERES (France), EconLit, Scopus, ProQuest, EBSCO, Thomson Reuters' Book

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Overview of the Volume:

Every day, new technology is changing the way we do business. Innovation and disruption influence firms and industries ranging from financial services to industrial firms, from business processes to payment systems, from manufacturing and retail systems to supply chains. We hear more and more about AI, big data, blockchain, fintech, 5G, and so forth as manifestations of disrupting technology that may profoundly influence business, finance, industry, law, and government. Innovations are changing the way we transact, the way we keep our books and records, the way we process payments and accounting, and the way we verify and reduce fraud.

Innovative applications within finance are already approving mortgages and personal loans, searching for fraudulent activity and giving financial advice. At the same time, governments and regulatory agencies are pondering how best to govern technologies and innovations. Extra-territorial extensions of these technologies and innovations globally challenge the boundaries of law.

We welcome original manuscripts on broad topics relevant to, not only fintech and financial innovation but also on corporate innovation and disruption in domestic or global context. Some examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

·       Cryptocurrencies and their economic significance;

·       Regulating digital transactions and systems;

·       Blockchain and its effects on the digital economy;

·       Trends in financial innovation and fintech industry;

·       Payment systems and peer-to-peer lending; artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and internet of things (IoT);

·       The use of distributed ledger technology and smart contracts in international business;

·       Digital disruption in business processes;

·       Technology enabled innovations;

·       Management and governance of innovations;

·       Venture and finance of technological and innovating firms;

·       Industrial evolution around digital innovation;

·       Digital economy and innovation ecosystems;


Submission procedure, Deadline and contacts:

Original manuscripts are to be submitted by March 20, 2019 to volume editors:

J. Jay Choi ([log in to unmask]) and Bora Ozkan ([log in to unmask]).




Jongmoo Jay Choi, Ph.D.
Laura H. Carnell Professor of Finance and International Business;
Alter 417, Fox School of Business, Temple University; Philadelphia, PA 19122;

Phone 215-204-5084; Email [log in to unmask]; Web;

Editor, Journal of Economics and Business;

Founding Editor, International Finance Review (annual)


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