JIBS Special Issue Workshop and Discuss Forum

*Studying Intellectual Property Rights in International Business through
Multiple Levels of Analysis*

9:00am-12:30pm, June 28, 2019

Copenhagen Business School (exact location to be confirmed)


Victor Cui (Manitoba)

Dana Minbaeva (CBS)

*Panelists (co-editors of the special issue)*

Victor Cui (Manitoba)

Dana Minbaeva (CBS)

Rajneesh Narula (Reading)

Ilan Vertinsky (UBC)


Responding to the rapidly growing interest in intellectual property rights
(IPRs) in international business research and practice, this workshop
brings together the guest editors of the JIBS special issue on IPRs to (a)
foster a community of researchers interested in this field of research, (b)
provide preliminary feedback to authors interested in submitting their
works to the JIBS special issue.

*Background  *

While prior studies have explored international IPR violation and
protection at both macro (e.g., national) and micro (e.g., firm or unit)
levels of analysis, most have investigated the phenomenon at a single
level. The complexity of interactions across levels calls for more
comprehensive frameworks that allow the development of theoretical
arguments specifying the underlying mechanisms that act at and connect
multiple levels. The objective of this special issue is to broaden and
deepen our understanding of how the acquisition and protection of IPRs
affects international business, using multiple levels of analysis.


We welcome all interested in this topic to join us. We will specifically
provide 10 spots for scholars who would like to receive initial feedback on
their papers before they submit to the special issue. The 10 scholars will
each have an opportunity to present a summary of their papers (10 min),
followed by comments and suggestions on improvement from the panelists and
the audience (around 10 min). The workshop will end with a plenary
discussion of key issues and opportunities involved in studying IPR
protection in IB through multiple levels of analysis.

*Registration for the Workshop*

*Pre-registration for this Workshop is required*. If you plan to receive
feedback to your paper, please submit your current CV and a 2-page summary
of the paper, and indicate which of the following eight themes is most
relevant to your study to Victor Cui ([log in to unmask]). If you plan
to attend without presenting, please send an email to Victor Cui as well
indicating your interest. In the second case, please include your name,
title, research interest, and affiliation, so that we can address you
properly and prepare for the necessary logistics. *The deadline for
registration is March 28, 2019.*

*Topics of Interest*

This special issue is interested in research that examines the joint impact
of macro IPR protection regimes and MNEs’ knowledge acquisition and
protection approaches on key international business decisions and outcomes
of MNEs. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to

*1)      **Location choices in international expansion for knowledge
exploiting and knowledge augmenting FDI *

*2)      **Entry mode choices of large MNEs and international new ventures
(INVs) *

3)      *Non-market strategies in home and host environments*

*4)      **Strategy adaptation to low IPR protection environments*

*5)      **Autonomy, roles and corporate governance of MNE subunits*

*6)      **Alliances, M&A and external network management*

*7)      **Participation in clusters*

*8)      **Organization of the R&D function*

 (For more information, please refer to the special issue CFPs:


1.       Papers will be selected based on fitness to the theme of the
special issue. First come first serve.

2.       Papers selected to this workshop will not be given any priority or
preference in the review process of the JIBS special issue, which is
subject to the normal JIBS policy.

3.       The feedback provided to the papers will not bind in any way the
editorial decisions (e.g., desk rejection, R&R) on the manuscripts.

Victor Cui
Associate Professor of Business Strategy
Asper School of Business
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB, R3T 5V4
Tel: +1 204 474-8058
Fax: +1 204 474-7545

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