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Applying Theories/ Frameworks in a research article is considered as important and increases the chances of acceptance.  I came across these three recently developed theoretical models, which I thought would be useful for researchers and for teaching too.  Therefore, sharing with you all.

1.  7-P Framework for International marketing
Paul, J., & Mas, E. (2019). Toward a 7-P framework for international marketing. Journal of Strategic Marketing, 1-21.

2.  CPP Model for Internationalization
Paul, J., & Sánchez‐Morcilio, R. (2018). Toward A new model for firm internationalization: Conservative, predictable, and pacemaker companies and markets. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences

3.  Masstige Model and Measure for Brand Management
Paul, J. (2018). Masstige model and measure for brand management. European Management Journal.

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