Dear All,

Applying Theories/ Frameworks in a research article is considered as
important and increases the chances of acceptance.  I came across these
three recently developed theoretical models, which I thought would be
useful for researchers and for teaching too.  Therefore, sharing with you

1.  7-P Framework for International marketing
Paul, J., & Mas, E. (2019). Toward a 7-P framework for international
marketing. *Journal of Strategic Marketing*, 1-21.

2.  CPP Model for Internationalization
Paul, J., & Sánchez‐Morcilio, R. (2018). Toward A new model for firm
internationalization: Conservative, predictable, and pacemaker companies
and markets. *Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences*

3.  Masstige Model and Measure for Brand Management
Paul, J. (2018). Masstige model and measure for brand management. *European
Management Journal*.

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