Check out this great special issue on Advancing Training edited by Traci Sitzmann & Justin Weinhardt available online at! Must read articles for those doing research in this area or teaching seminars on the topic.

     Please send your conceptual/theoretical work to HRMR!  We strive to be author friendly in terms of providing timely and constructive reviews and we welcome conceptual papers on emergent topics and topics that do not fit cleanly in traditional domains. Regards, -Howard
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Human Resource Management Review
Conceptual Development for Future Research
Volume 29, Issue 2, June 2019

Advancing Training for the 21st Century
Edited by Traci Sitzmann, Justin M. Weinhardt

Advancing training for the 21st century<>
by Traci Sitzmann & Justin M. Weinhardt

Can emotional intelligence be trained? A meta-analytical investigation<>
by Victoria Mattingly & Kurt Kraiger

Mindfulness-based training interventions for employees: A qualitative review of the literature<>
by Lillian T. Eby, Tammy D. Allen, Kate M. Conley, Rachel L. Williamson, Tyler G. Henderson, & Victor S. Mancini

Trading off learning and performance: Exploration and exploitation at work<>
by Lindsey M. Greco, Steven D. Charlier, & Kenneth G. Brown

Exploration-exploitation tradeoffs and information-knowledge gaps in self-regulated learning: Implications for learner-controlled training and development<>
by Jay H. Hardy, Eric Anthony Day, & Winfred Arthur

Revolutionizing training and education? Three questions regarding massive open online courses (MOOCs)<>
by Justin M. Weinhardt & Traci Sitzmann*

Does training have to be fun? A review and conceptual model of the role of fun in workplace training<>
by Michael J. Tews & Raymond A. Noe

Enhancing adaptive transfer of cross-cultural training: Lessons learned from the broader training literature<>
by Shan Ran & Jason L. Huang

Approaching evaluation from a multilevel perspective: A comprehensive analysis of the indicators of training effectiveness<>
by Traci Sitzmann & Justin M. Weinhardt*

A dynamic model of training transfer<>
by Brian D. Blume, J. Kevin Ford, Eric A. Surface, & Jeffrey Olenick

Training trends: Macro, micro, and policy issues<>
by Wayne F. Cascio

*Howard J. Klein served as editor for the articles written by the guest editors

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