*Management and Organization Review *has a proud tradition of publishing
articles at the cutting edge of key developments and this issue truly
illustrates this.

*Is the Tesla disruption exposing vulnerabilities in the incumbent
automotive industry?*

This issue's Dialogue, Debate and Discussion forum debates Tesla as a
*disruptor* and the likelihood of game changing new disruptors.

David Teece, in his overall commentary on the debate, discusses whether the
incumbents are able to counter the disruptors and engage in competitive
counter attacks on multiple fronts.

The issue also includes a forceful perspective on* Engaged Indigenous
Management* with commentary from Anne Tsui.

The essay examines some of the opportunities and challenges in undertaking
engaged indigenous scholarship on organization and management issues.

*Management and Organization Review *14.3

Arie Y. Lewin
Letter from Editor


Andrew H. Van de Ven, Alan D. Meyer, and Runtian Jing
Opportunities and Challenges of Engaged Indigenous Scholarship


Anne S. Tsui
Commentary on ‘Opportunities and Challenges of Engaged Indigenous
Scholarship’ (Van de Ven, Meyer, & Jing, 2018)

*Dialogue, Discourse, and Debate*

Liisa Välikangas
Forum on Tesla and the Global Automotive Industry

Greg Perkins and Johann Peter Murmann
What Does the Success of Tesla Mean for the Future Dynamics in the Global
Automobile Sector?

John Paul MacDuffie
Response to Perkins and Murmann: Pay Attention to What Is and Isn’t Unique
about Tesla

Hong Jiang and Feng Lu
To Be Friends, Not Competitors: A Story Different from Tesla Driving the
Chinese Automobile Industry

David J. Teece
Tesla and the Reshaping of the Auto Industry


Yi Li and Lin Cui
The Influence of Top Management Team on Chinese Firms’ FDI Ambidexterity

Cheng-Hua Tzeng
How Domestic Firms Absorb Spillovers: A Routine-Based Model of Absorptive
Capacity View

Yuanfei Kang and Xinming He
Institutional Forces and Environmental Management Strategies: Moderating
Effects of Environmental Orientation and Innovation Capability

Xi Chen
Revisiting the Relationship between Justice and Extra-Role Behavior: The
Role of State Ownership

*Call for Papers*

Sven Horak, Fid Afiouni, Yanjie Bian, Alena Ledeneva, Maral
Muratbekova-Touron, and Carl Fey
*Management and Organization Review Special Issue ‘Social Networks – The
Dark and Bright Sides of Informal Networks’*

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