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Submission period – from December 01 to December 31, 2018




Mike Wright, Imperial College London, UK

Geoffrey Wood, University of Essex, UK

Aldo Musacchio, Brandeis University, USA

Ilya Okhmatovskiy, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

Anna Grosman, Loughborough University, UK




Jonathan Doh, Villanova University, USA


Recent studies have pointed out that new forms of state capitalism developed over the last 20-25 years are substantially different from state-owned enterprises (SOEs) that operated in the 1970s and the 1980s. While traditional SOEs used to be focused mostly on domestic markets, international operations are critically important for modern state-affiliated corporations owned or supported by the state. An emerging stream of articles published recently have explored how state ownership is associated with internationalization, focusing mostly on how SOEs enter foreign markets and whether state ownership constitutes an advantage or an obstacle for international expansion. We aim to develop further this stream of research by exploring the effect of national and international context on operations of state-affiliated corporations. Existing studies that explore SOEs’ strategies, governance, internationalization, and performance tend to make general conclusions about the implications of state control. While SOEs in different countries share some important characteristics, we believe that the current literature does not do justice to substantial cross-national differences in how state-affiliated MNCs operate and how they are governed. With the proposed special issue, we aim to stimulate more research that explores how national and international context affects operations of state-affiliated corporations. 


Potential topics for the Special Issue submissions


We encourage qualitative and large-n studies that advance knowledge about state-affiliated MNCs that heavily rely on state support for their international expansion by exploring the following topics:


Potential topics about the role of national context in shaping cross-national differences in models of state capitalism include, but are not limited to the following:


These topics are not meant to be exhaustive but merely illustrative of topics that would be suitable for the Special Issue. We seek manuscripts offering either theoretical or empirical contributions, but prefer submissions offering both.


Submission Process


Authors should submit their manuscripts online via the Journal of World Business EVISE submission system between the 1st and the 31st of December 2018. The link for submitting manuscript is:


To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for consideration for this Special Issue, it is important that authors select “SI: State Capitalism” when reaching the “Article Type” step in the submission process.


Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the Journal of World Business Guide for Authors available at All submitted manuscripts will be subject to the Journal of World Business’s blind review process.


Questions about the Special Issue may be directed to the guest editors:




The full version of this Call for Papers is available at the Journal of World Business website:



Ilya Okhmatovskiy

NOVA School of Business and Economics

Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal


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