What makes up intentions to purchase the pioneer? A theory of reasoned action approach in India and the USA

Tarek Mady (pp. 734 - 757)


Defining potentials and barriers to trade in the Malaysia–Chile partnership

Evelyn S. Devadason, V.G.R. Chandran Govindaraju, Shujaat Mubarik (pp. 758 - 779)


Influence of religious beliefs and spirituality on decision to insure

Amarjit Gill, Harvinder S. Mand, Nahum Biger, Neil Mathur (pp. 780 - 800)


The moderating role of social network on the relationship between innovative capability and performance in the hotel industry

Ahmed Agyapong, Henry Kofi Mensah, Anastasia Mma Ayuuni (pp. 801 - 823)


Does skewness help in better investment decision making?

Satish Kumar (pp. 824 - 836)


Industry characteristics and earnings management: a study of Malaysian industries

Shaista Wasiuzzaman (pp. 837 - 854)


The springboard network: multinationals in Latin America

Federico Quesada Chaves (pp. 855 - 874)


Impact of oil and gas prices shocks on banks’ deposits in an oil and gas-rich economy: Evidence from Qatar

Abdulazeez Y.H. Saif-Alyousfi, Asish Saha, Rohani Md-Rus (pp. 875 - 901)


Cross-classified multilevel determinants of firm’s sales growth in Latin America

Luiz Paulo Lopes Fávero, Ricardo Goulart Serra, Marco Aurélio dos Santos, Eduardo Brunaldi (pp. 902 - 924)


Positioning strategies of retailers’ brands in the emerging market – a cluster analysis

Marzanna Katarzyna Witek-Hajduk, Anna Grudecka (pp. 925 - 942)


Debt holdings and investment cash flow sensitivity of listed firms

Johnson Worlanyo Ahiadorme, Agyapomaa Gyeke-Dako, Joshua Yindenaba Abor (pp. 943 - 958)


How applicable are conventional strategic marketing practices in emerging markets? An exploratory study in India

Roger Brooksbank, Zahed Subhan, Richard John Calderwood (pp. 959 - 979)


Building technology trust in ICT application at a university

Joanna Ejdys (pp. 980 - 997)


Networking and new venture’s performance: mediating role of competitive advantage

Muhammad Anwar, Atiq Ur Rehman, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah (pp. 998 - 1025)


Relational capability and strategic alliance portfolio configuration: A study of Brazilian technology firms

Priscila Rezende da Costa, Sergio Silva Braga Junior, Geciane Silveira Porto, Marta Pagán Martinez (pp. 1026 - 1049)


The largest financial groups from emerging economies: Location determinants of foreign affiliates and cultural differences

J. Francois Outreville (pp. 1050 - 1069)


Information technology and profitability: evidence from Indian banking sector

Sangita Dutta Gupta, Ajitava Raychaudhuri, Sushil Kumar Haldar (pp. 1070 - 1087)


Institutional framework and governance in Latin America

Gilberto Cárdenas, Sofía García, Alvaro Salas (pp. 1088 - 1107)


Impact of public intervention on micro and small enterprises performance in Ethiopia: A firm level empirical evidence

Manex Bule Yonis, Tassew Woldehanna, Wolday Amha (pp. 1108 - 1131)


International transfer pricing and income shifting in developing countries: evidence from Ghana

Joseph Akadeagre Agana, Abu-Khanifa Mohammed, Stephen Zamore (pp. 1132 - 1153)


Determinants of financing of outward foreign direct investment by Indian MNEs: A three-level analysis

Vanita Tripathi, Sonal Thukral (pp. 1154 - 1181)


Trade intensity and revealed comparative advantage: an analysis of Intra-BRICS trade

Javeria Maryam, Umer Jeelanie Banday, Ashok Mittal (pp. 1182 - 1195)


Oil prices, armed conflict and government revenue in Nigeria

Udoma Johnson Afangideh, Augustine Ujunwa, Angela Ifeanyi Ukemenam (pp. 1196 - 1210)


The long run performance of secondary equity offerings on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Jesse Alves da Cunha, Yudhvir Seetharam (pp. 1211 - 1232)


The effect of content marketing on sponsorship favorability

Gert Human, Benedikt Hirschfelder, Jacques Nel (pp. 1233 - 1250)


CSR engagement and values in a pre-emerging and emerging country context

Virginia Munro, Denni Arli, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele (pp. 1251 - 1272)


Halal products consumption in international chain restaurants among global Moslem consumers

Nur Asnawi, Badri Munir Sukoco, Muhammad Asnan Fanani (pp. 1273 - 1290)


Bank lending channel and banking sector efficiency: panel data of Egypt

Mohamed Aseel Shokr, Anwar Al-Gasaymeh (pp. 1291 - 1310)


Does innovation matter for total factor productivity growth in India? Evidence from ARDL bound testing approach

Seenaiah Kale, Badri Narayan Rath (pp. 1311 - 1329)


Determinants of foreign direct and indirect investments from the institutional perspective: A comparative analysis between emerging and mature markets

Liu Wang, Shaomin Li (pp. 1330 - 1347)


Foreign market entry through acquisition and firm financial performance: Empirical evidence from Ghana

Andrews Adugudaa Akolaa (pp. 1348 - 1371)


Bank income smoothing in South Africa: role of ownership, IFRS and economic fluctuation

Peterson K. Ozili, Erick Rading Outa (pp. 1372 - 1394)


Impact of regulatory announcements on systemic risk in the Indian telecom sector

Sushma Priyadarsini Yalla, Somsekhar Bhattacharyya, Karuna Jain (pp. 1395 - 1416)


Managing institutional complexity in a transitional economy: The legitimacy work of senior managers

Kassa Woldesenbet (pp. 1417 - 1434)



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