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                                    International Management Journal of International Management
Volume 24, Issue 4, Pages 303-422, December 2018

Editorial Board
Page ii
Available Online 2018-11-15

Regular Articles
Ownership Strategy and Foreign Affiliate Performance in Multinational Family Business Groups: A Double-edged Sword
Pages 303-316
Available Online 2018-04-30
Hsi-Mei Chung, Sven Dahms
Subnational Institutions and Location Choice of Emerging Market Firms
Pages 317-332
Available Online 2018-05-05
Jie Yang
Regulatory Institutional Distance and MNCs' Subsidiary Performance: Climbing up Vs. Climbing Down the Institutional Ladder
Pages 333-347
Available Online 2018-05-09
Palitha Konara, Vikrant Shirodkar
Supplier Strategies and Routines for Capability Development: Implications for Upgrading
Pages 348-368
Available Online 2018-05-11
Noemi Sinkovics, Samia Ferdous Hoque, Rudolf R. Sinkovics
Engaging Stakeholders Through Corporate Political Activity: Insights From MNE Nonmarket Strategy in an Emerging African Market
Pages 369-385
Available Online 2018-05-16
Charles Mbalyohere, Thomas C. Lawton
Augmenting Local Managerial Capacity Through Knowledge Collectivities: The Case of Volvo Car China
Pages 386-403
Available Online 2018-08-16
Ramsin Yakob
Entry Timing in Foreign Markets: A Meta-analytic Review and Critique
Pages 404-416
Available Online 2018-05-25
Bernadine J. Dykes, Kalin D. Kolev

Book Review

Pages 417-419
Available Online 2018-08-02
Liudmyla Svystunova
Author Index
Page 420
Available Online 2018-11-15

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