The 3rd Thought Leaders' Conference of Marketing Science and Innovation
Special Issue of
Journal of International Marketing
Call for Papers

Global Marketing and International Customer Behavior:
The Case of China

Co-organized by University of International Business and Economics
and Journal of International Marketing

Beijing, China, March 16 & 17, 2019

International marketing operations constitute an integral part of life and long-term viability for many organizations due in part to the globalization of markets and intensifying competition across countries worldwide. This is particularly the case for companies originating from emerging markets and growth economies, which nowadays play a particularly important role in global world trade. The 3rd Thought Leaders' Conference on Global Marketing will be co-organized by the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China, and the Journal of International Marketing, published by the American Marketing Association, on March 16-17, 2019. It aims to enrich understanding of advances and contemporary developments in global marketing theory and management practice within the specific context of China. China has been one of the leading countries in the world whose companies are engaged in international market operations of various forms. The international engagement of Chinese firms exhibits unique characteristics and business relationship development patterns and often is marked by innovative international marketing strategies that are conducive to the achievement of competitive advantage and strong performance in foreign market operations. For instance, factors leading to Chinese firms' establishment, development, and maintenance of successful foreign customer relationships is an interesting issue for the Conference and the Special Issue. Similarly, drivers of international marketing and exporting strategies that, in turn, facilitate the achievement of enhanced performance outcomes are also of particular interest.

Broadly, marketers must understand customer behavior patterns in different world markets to effectively serve the special needs of different international customer groups. Thus, successful international engagement for Chinese firms is based on their understanding of and response to the particular requirements of individual foreign markets and consumers, which should drive the development of effective marketing strategies in those overseas markets targeted by these firms. Likewise, foreign firms operating in China need to take account of the particular characteristics and idiosyncrasies of Chinese customers. Broadly, despite considerable research efforts, it is not clear whether globalization of markets leads to the homogenization of consumer behavior or consumer behavior becomes more heterogeneous due to differences across nations, countries, regions or cultures. This issue, which is more important now than ever before, is not well understood and clearly requires further study to allow the development of effective international marketing strategies.

The aim of the Conference, and the Special Issue of Journal of International Marketing that is linked to it, is to generate insights on: global marketing and exporting, which add to existing theoretical knowledge and management practices of Chinese firms' international market operations; and international customer behavior with the view to informing international marketing strategies, decisions, and actions of Chinese organizations operating in foreign markets. Manuscripts that draw on and integrate multiple perspectives (e.g., strategy, industrial economics, psychology, sociology, and/or consumption economics) are especially encouraged. The research approach can be qualitative, quantitative or mixed. Conceptual papers that focus on the strategic possibilities of global or export marketing strategies, and their impact on performance, and international consumer insights are also welcome. All manuscripts should have clear relevance to the international marketing field, share a focus on marketing strategy, competitive advantage and its drivers, or customers and translate customer insights into a strategy discussion.

The purpose is to summarize, draw from, and/or develop new theories and frameworks from the practices of Chinese firms and to provide a platform for scholars and practitioners in global marketing and related areas to share original ideas and discuss valuable insights. We welcome submissions of original academic papers addressing issues concerning global marketing theory- and practice-related topics in general, and international marketing and customer-based strategy and behavior issues in emerging economies (for example, China) in particular. In the Conference, we also encourage submissions of research in progress that provide new thinking and state-of-the-art insights to scholars and business practitioners.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

*         Drivers and performance outcomes of export marketing strategies

*         The role of resources and capabilities in driving international marketing strategies and performance

*         Building successful trusting relationships in international market operations

*         Dark-side relational aspects of cross-border exchange relationships and their impact on performance

*         Developing effective international services marketing strategies
*         Competitive strategies, positional advantages, and performance outcomes in international market operations
*         Competitive strategies, marketing strategies, and performance in export product-market ventures

*         International relationship marketing

*         Developing effective digital marketing strategies for international operations

*         Country of origin effects

*         Developing effective global retail marketing management strategies

*         Consumption experiences and consumer-brand relationships for local and global brands

*         Consumer ethnocentrism, animosity, national identity, and cosmopolitanism

*         Customer satisfaction and complaining behavior across cultures

*         Consumer adoption and diffusion of innovations across cultures

*         Social media, content, and online marketing across cultures

*         Customers' perceptions of CSR across countries

Submission to the Conference
All the submissions should be original work. Both full articles and high quality abstracts would be evaluated and handled by the conference.

Conference submissions should be sent to: [log in to unmask]

Important Dates
Deadline for paper submission to the Conference: December 10, 2018
Notification of acceptance: January 25, 2019

Conference Co-Chairs
Prof. Robert W. Palmatier, Co-Editor, Journal of Marketing, University of Washington, U.S.A.
Prof. Constantine S. Katsikeas, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of International Marketing, University of Leeds, U.K.
Prof. Yonggui Wang, Dean, University of International Business and Economics, China

Keynote Speakers
Journal of Marketing Co-Editor, Prof. Robert Palmatier
Journal of International Marketing Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Costas Katsikeas
Journal of Academy of Marketing Science Editor-in-Chief, Prof. John Hulland
Journal of Retailing Co-Editor, Prof. Anne Roggeveen
Immediate-Past Journal of Marketing Co-Editor, Prof. Neil Morgan
Journal of Service Research Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Mike Brady
Asia Pacific Journal of Management Senior Editor, Prof. Kevin Zhou

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Business School, University of International Business and Economics
No.10, Huixin East St., Chaoyang Dist. Beijing, P.R. China, 100029

Submission to the Special Issue of Journal of International Marketing

All manuscripts must follow the guidelines of the Journal and be submitted online through Manuscript Central at

Submission Deadline: Manuscripts for the Special Issue can be submitted during March 2019, and until Friday, MARCH 29, 2019.

Special Issue Editors:

Constantine S. Katsikeas
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of International Marketing
Arnold Ziff Research Chair and Professor of Marketing & International Management
Leeds University Business School
Maurice Keyworth Building
University of Leeds
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Yonggui Wang
Professor of Marketing and Strategy
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