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Eastern Academy of Management International

Dubrovnik, Croatia


June 16-20, 2019

                                       Theme: Managing in Multicultural Environments

                                                      Submission Deadline: December 10, 2018


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                                  Co-Sponsored by Eastern Academy of Management and RIT Croatia


Program Chair: Marie-Line Germain, Western Carolina University, USA

Conference Coordinator: Shalei Simms, SUNY Old Westbury, USA

                       Host Program Coordinators: Donald Hudspeth & Irena Guszak Cerovecki, RIT Croatia, Croatia



Dubrovnik is a stunning Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea. The walled city and seaport are major tourist destinations and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Croatia has a population of 4.3 million. It has almost 3,728 miles of coastline, 2521 miles of which are made up of islands, cliffs and reefs. The climate on the Adriatic coast is Mediterranean, meaning warm dry summers and mild winters. With 2,600 hours of average annual sunlight, it is one of the sunniest coastlines in Europe! Dubrovnik is easily accessible by plane from many cities throughout Europe.


A regional affiliate of the Academy of Management, the EAM sponsored the first Managing in a Global Economy Conference in the Netherlands in 1985. The success of the first EAM-I conference led to a series of Biennial international conferences organized by EAM-I in partnership with local host universities in locations around the world. Conferences have been held in varied locations including Berlin, Singapore, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Bangalore, Seville, Lima, and, most recently, Gold Coast, Australia. The EAM-I conferences are a source of international collaboration and learning among academics and practitioners.



Managing in Multicultural Environments

The conference theme looks at the changing face of the workplace and how globalization, changing demographics, migratory movements of populations, and increasing workplace diversity have intensified the need for competent, multicultural leaders and managers. Authors are encouraged to submit papers related to what effective leaders’ skill sets and competencies may become, some of the new challenges organizations may face as their workforce quickly evolves, and how these skills and competencies may be leveraged to improve business performance, with a particular focus on markets in transition.

Following past conference practice, there will be a mix of academic sessions, site visits, cultural activities, and keynote addresses by local business leaders. This conference is open to a discussion of perspectives on economic, cultural, technological, sustainability, and ethical factors that affect global managers. The theme is meant to be interpreted broadly. Papers, cases, roundtable discussions, and exercises exploring the complexities of our new world challenges are welcomed. Papers addressing the practical approaches to dealing with these challenges in individual nations are also welcomed and will be grouped with papers dealing with similar issues from other countries, to create comparative sessions.


Business Policy and Strategy

Track Chair: Shanthi Gopalakrishnan, NJIT ([log in to unmask])

Focuses on issues associated with strategic management in a global economy. Particular emphasis will be on strategic, policy and management issues that arise when engaged in international business. This domain also includes government-business interface.


Corporate Governance

Track Chairs: Dilip Mirchandani, Rowan U ([log in to unmask]); Milivoj Markovic, RIT   Croatia ([log in to unmask])

Focuses on theory and practice of corporate governance. This domain explores roles and responsibilities of primary participants.

Primary Participants are owners, supervisory and management board members, and managers of the organization.


Track Chair: Orlando Richard, UT Dallas ([log in to unmask])

Focuses on how individuals differ and the implications for work and business practices in organizations around the world. The concept of difference is considered broadly to include both surface and deep level aspects (e.g., gender, culture, personality).


Track Chair: Vishal Gupta, Alabama U ([log in to unmask])

Focuses on issues related to the creation, support, and growth of small businesses and entrepreneurial organizations. This domain includes innovative small business practices and supporting entrepreneurial ventures in developing countries.

Human Resources

Track Chairs: C. Justice Tillman, Baruch College, CUNY ([log in to unmask]); Maja Vidovic, RIT Croatia ([log in to unmask])

Focuses on aspects of human resource management including recruitment, selection, performance appraisal, compensation, socialization, training, and the development of human capital around the globe.

Management Education & Development

Track Chair: Monika Hudson, U of San Francisco ([log in to unmask])

Focuses on issues of pedagogy and learning across cultures including both distance learning and face-to-face classroom teaching methods that facilitate the acquisition of skills for managing in a global economy.

Organizational Behavior and Theory

Track Chairs: Jeanie M. Forray, Western New England U ([log in to unmask]); Kathy Lund Dean,

Gustavus Adolphus College ([log in to unmask]); Sarah Wright, U of Canterbury

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Focuses on motivation, leadership, organizational learning, change, and the management of people in organizations across the globe.


Research Methods

Track Chair: Lisa Lambert, Oklahoma State U ([log in to unmask])

Focuses on methodologies that advance management research and practice including quantitative and qualitative methods, survey and archival methods, experimental and non-experimental methods, cross-cultural approaches, and statistical modeling approaches.

Social Issues in Management

Track Chairs: Sarah Kovoor-Misra, U of Colorado Denver ([log in to unmask]); Majda Tafra,

RIT Croatia ([log in to unmask])

Focuses on the ways that organizations operating in a global environment fulfill their social responsibilities, create ethical cultures, and address issues surrounding sustainability.


Technology, Communication, and IS

Track Chair: Dorothy M. Kirkman, U of Houston at Clear Lake ([log in to unmask])

Focuses on the use of technology and IS to manage and increase efficiency and effectiveness of the firm in a global environment. This domain also explores communication within and across organizations and how technology interacts with human systems.



Submissions may take the form of either theoretical or empirical papers, symposia, panel discussions, cases, or experiential learning sessions. All submissions are to be written in English and follow Academy of Management style guidelines at http://aom.org/annualmeeting/submission/guidelines. All papers and proposals should be submitted electronically via the conference website at http://eaom.org/eami. Submission deadline is December 10, 2018. If a proposed idea does not seem to fit any of the domains described above, authors should contact Program Chair Marie-Line Germain ([log in to unmask]). Your submission will be directed to the most appropriate domain.


Those submitting work to the conference are expected to serve as reviewers and are invited to register as both an author and reviewer on the conference website. No participant is allowed to be included as an author, presenter, session chair, discussant, etc. in more than three program sessions. Once a submission is accepted, all panelists and at least one author in each co-authored paper must register for the conference by March 31, 2019. If authors/panelists do not register by the deadline, their submissions will not be included in the Conference Program or Proceedings.

Conference administrators cannot accommodate special requests regarding the timing of individual presentations.



Founded in 1997, RIT Croatia is one of the four international campuses of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). RIT Croatia's undergraduate programs, delivered in two campuses, Dubrovnik and Zagreb, consist of International Business (AACSB accredited), Hospitality and Tourism Management and Web and Mobile Computing. RIT Croatia also delivers a graduate degree program in Service Leadership and Innovation. Employers say RIT Croatia students and graduates are motivated, willing to learn, teamwork oriented, innovative, and very proactive.



Joy Schneer, Rider University, USA

David Ford, University of Texas – Dallas, USA

Shanthi Gopalakrishnan, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA Joan Weiner, Drexel University, USA


Registration and Fees

Early Attendee registration: $525 USD if paid by April 15, 2019*, thereafter the regular fee is $595 USD

Early Student Attendee registration: $425 USD by April 15, 2019*, thereafter the student fee is $495 USD

Early Guest registration: $300 USD by April 15, 2019, thereafter the guest fee is $370 USD.


* Presenters of accepted papers and symposia must register by March 31, 2019 to have sessions included in the program.



David L. Ford, Jr., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

Organizations, Strategy, & International Management

EAM-I 2017 Conference Program Chair

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Naveen Jindal School of Management

The University of Texas at Dallas

800 West Campbell Road,  MS SM43

Richardson, TX  75083-0688

972/883-2015   972/883-6521 (fax)

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