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We want to announce our three new publications:


Motivating SMEs to Cooperate and Internationalize: A Dynamic Perspective was
edited by George Tesar and Zsuzsanna Vincze.  It is published by Routledge
in New York and copyrighted in 2017.  The publication has four major parts:
(1) Entrepreneurial action, (2) Managerial aspects of SMEs, (3) Industrial
network development, and (4) Internationalization.  The publication consists
of a series of research studies and cases, mostly from Scandinavia.  The
book was dedicated to Professor Håkan Boter who recently retired from Umeå
University in northern Sweden.


Mapping Managerial Implications of Green Strategy: A Framework for
Sustainable Innovation was authored by George Tesar, Hamid Moini, and Olav
Jull Sørensen.  It is published by World Scientific and copyrighted 2018.
The book represents a seminal work for managers of smaller manufacturing
enterprises in their efforts to commit to green strategy on a micro level.
The book is based on a research project conducted at Aalborg University in
Denmark and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  The content is as
follows: (1) Introduction to managerial implications of green strategy, (2)
Commitment to green strategy and external factors, (3) Enterprise action,
marketing management, and green marketing strategies, (4) Marketing
strategies for green issues, (5) Financial analysis of green projects, (6)
Competitive positioning subject to green marketing strategies, (7) Emerging
green concerns and Managers of smaller manufacturing enterprises, (8)
International implications of green strategies and consumption behavior, and
(9) Integration.  A list of additional resources for green strategies are
listed for further research.   


Marketing Management in Africa was edited by George Tesar, Steven W,
Anderson, Hassimi Traoré, and Jens Graff.  It is published by Routledge in
New York and copyrighted 2018. The publication is the second in a series on
Africa by Routledge.  The publication has two parts of several sections
each.  Part I: Environmental Issues and Macro Marketing has two
sections--Section A: Environment and Section B: Marketing.  Part II: Macro
Marketing has three sections—Section A: Finance, Section B: Consumption, and
Section C: Agriculture.  The publication includes an extensive introduction
to and integration of all the topics.  A list of relevant webpages is also


Additional information about the publications are available on the
publishers’ websites and via commercial book sellers.


For further information George Tesar can be reached at [log in to unmask]  


George Tesar, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Umea University (Sweden)

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater


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