It is my pleasure to share with you the Table of Contents for Journal of World Business Volume 53, Issue 6.  This issue contains a number of articles on topics ranging from humans rights and CSR, governance in international fine wine relationships, repatriate knowledge transfer, SME internationalization, migrants and multinationals, diffusion of environmental management standards, board composition and equity ownership in Turkish MNEs, host country orientations and cultural values, SME internationalization and integration, organizational learning and market entry and exit, institutional distance, and social entrepreneurship.  In addition, the issue contains a "Perspectives" article on The selection, use, and reporting of control variables in international business research: A review and recommendations<> that I believe you will be interested in reading.

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[Volume 53, Issue 6, Pages 781-968, December 2018]<>

Journal of World Business<>
Volume 53, Issue 6, Pages 781-968, December 2018<>

Editorial Board <>
Pages ii-v

  Regular Articles

Bridging the great divide? Making sense of the human rights-CSR relationship in UK multinational companies <>    Original Research Article
Pages 781-793
Louise J. Obara, Ken Peattie

Finding good relationships - intended and realized relational governance of international fine wine exchanges <>    Original Research Article
Pages 794-805
Chris Ellegaard, Christopher J. Medlin

Repatriate knowledge transfer: Antecedents and boundary conditions of a dyadic process <>    Original Research Article
Pages 806-816
Anne Burmeister, Mila B. Lazarova, Jürgen Deller

What and how do SMEs gain by going international? A longitudinal investigation of financial and intellectual resource growth <>    Original Research Article
Pages 817-834
Lei Li, Dan Li, Anthony Goerzen, Weilei (Stone) Shi

Migrants and multinational firms: The role of institutional affinity and connectedness in FDI <>    Original Research Article
Pages 835-849
Pallavi Shukla, John Cantwell

Why does the diffusion of environmental management standards differ across countries? The role of formal and informal institutions in the adoption of ISO 14001 <>    Original Research Article
Pages 850-861
Raquel Orcos, Beatriz Pérez-Aradros, Knut Blind

Board composition, family ownership, institutional distance and the foreign equity ownership strategies of Turkish MNEs <>    Original Research Article
Pages 862-879
Tulay Ilhan-Nas, Tarhan Okan, Ekrem Tatoglu, Mehmet Demirbag, Geoffrey Wood, Keith W. Glaister

Not walking the talk? How host country cultural orientations may buffer the damage of corporate values' misalignment in multinational corporations <>    Original Research Article
Pages 880-895
Dana Minbaeva, Larissa Rabbiosi, Günter K. Stahl

The role of MNEs' internationalization patterns in their regional integration of FDI locations <>    Original Research Article
Pages 896-910
Jean-Luc Arregle, Toyah L. Miller, Michael A. Hitt, Paul W. Beamish

Why wait? Organizational learning, institutional quality and the speed of foreign market re-entry after initial entry and exit <>    Original Research Article
Pages 911-929
Irina Surdu, Kamel Mellahi, Keith W. Glaister, Giulio Nardella

A double-edged sword? The antipodal effects of institutional distance on partner selection in cross-border alliances <>    Original Research Article
Pages 930-943
Sorin M.S. Krammer

The evaluative legitimacy of social entrepreneurship in capitalist welfare systems <>    Original Research Article
Pages 944-957
Ewald Kibler, Virva Salmivaara, Pekka Stenholm, Siri Terjesen

  Perspective article

The selection, use, and reporting of control variables in international business research: A review and recommendations <>
Pages 958-968
Bo Bernhard Nielsen, Arpit Raswant


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