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We are pleased to share the latest issue of Japan MNE insights newsletter with you. Volume 4 (2018), Issue 2 is now available online ( and in PDF. 
This issue includes two special essays, summaries of them are below.

Hirofumi Tatsumoto, "Platform Strategy for Global Markets: The strategic Use of Open Standards and the Management of Business Ecosystems" 

In a world being rapidly reshaped by digitalization and globalization, the presence of platform firms is becoming increasingly conspicuous in global markets. This book addresses two questions from theoretical and empirical perspectives: Why do platform firms grow their global presence as open standards internationally prevail?; and ii) How does the growing presence of platform firms influence global industrial structures? 

The answers this book presents can be summarized as follows. 
i) Because a platform firm a) creates network effects advantageous to the firm by actively engaging in the formation of open standards; b) gains competitive advantage by positioning itself at the hub of transaction networks and operating in between multiple markets and industries in advanced and emerging countries; and c) seeks competitive advantage using two-sided market and bundling strategies by managing relations with the suppliers of complementary goods while implementing other strategies based on a special market structure, a so-called “business ecosystem,” that has many network effects among products. 
ii) When a platform firm implements strategies a) to c) above, industries in emerging countries are encouraged to catch up with the developed countries. By doing so, they trigger a sudden transformation of the structure of the international division of labor by accelerating a new structure rather than reinforcing the existing structure (d)).
Although d) is a byproduct of strategies a) to c) above, this byproduct matters more to many business practitioners and policymakers than the platform strategies.

Hajime Baba, "Evolution of International Marketing Study in Japan: From Export Marketing to International Marketing Capability"

Evolutional path of international marketing study varies depending upon the research context in each country, especially in the early stage of investigation. In the course of time, international marketing study in Japan have experienced paradigm sifts because of the internationalization of Japanese firms and the inflow of marketing knowledge mainly from the U.S. This essay briefly reviews the evolution process of international marketing study in Japan. First, this essay reviews early international marketing study in Japan from the perspectives of trade practice theory and Marxist view. Second, diversification of international marketing study is described from late 1970s to 2000s. Third, current research agendas are proposed in terms of dilemma of emerging market strategy and marketing capability. Finally, some propositions are showed concerning international marketing capability.

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