Dear Colleagues,

I am grateful to announce and share my recently published book by Cambridge
University Press. The book was written to provide an in-depth understanding
of strategy by integrating Western and Eastern disciplines of business and
military. I invite our AIB members to share any insightful comments which
can help bridge disciplines and wisdom.

*Title: The Art of Strategy: Sun Tzu, Michael Porter, and Beyond*

*Published in August 2018*


When it comes to strategy, how should we define victory? For centuries,
Eastern and Western thinkers have grappled with this question, offering
different answers. What can we learn from this difference? The book
provides a novel and systematic integration of the two dominant frameworks
of the East and West: Sun Tzu's military strategy and Michael Porter's
business strategy. This unlikely combination of thinking suggests an
innovative extension of our understanding and practice of strategy, which
will appeal to scholars, students, practitioners and general readers with
an interest in strategy. By aligning the perspectives of these two great
thinkers, Moon argues that true winning is about maximizing and optimizing
overall value for all engaged stakeholders, and this requires a more
efficient approach to strategy. Hence, the key features of the book can be
summarized as the following three perspectives.

1.      Integrates Sun Tzu and Michael Porter's theories of strategy,
whilst analyzing and extending both approaches

2.      Combining Eastern and Western approaches to strategy, it provides a
global foundational analysis with worldwide appeal

3.      Written in an accessible manner that will appeal to scholars,
students, practitioners and the general public

*Author profile*

Hwy-Chang Moon is Professor at the Graduate School of International
Studies, Seoul National University. Dr. Moon has consulted many Korean and
multinational companies, international organizations (e.g., UNCTAD) and
governments (e.g., Korea, Malaysia, Dubai, Azerbaijan, Guangdong Province
of China, and India). He has published numerous articles and books on
topics covering international business strategy and economic development,
including The Strategy for Korea’s Economic Success, recently published by
Oxford University Press.

Additional details can be found in the following links:

Ÿ  [Cambridge University Press]

Ÿ  [Amazon website]

I hope you will find the book interesting, and I also welcome any
collaboration with you on further research in this area.

All the best,

Hwy-Chang Moon, Ph.D.
Professor of International Business Strategy & Competitiveness
Graduate School of International Studies
Seoul National University
Seoul 08826, Korea
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