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Copenhagen Business School invites applications for a PhD scholarship that focuses on issues of European integration for the Nordic countries. The Phd Scholarship will be in the field of social and political sciences. The PhD scholarship is part of the Nordforsk-financed ‘Reimagning Norden in an Evolving World’ (ReNEW) research excellence hub, which focuses on research about the Nordic region.


The PhD will be affiliated with the Comparative European and Public Policy group at the Department of International Economics, Government and Business. The research group engages in research activities that consider the following disciplinary fields and sub-fields: Comparative public policy, EU public policy, public management, comparative politics, comparative welfare state analysis and positive political economy. The group´s research work often serves as a point of reference for think-tanks, policymakers, business organizations and the media. 


This Phd call seeks applicants in social and/or political science, which focus on one or several challenge(s) of European Integration for the Nordic countries. Major challenges, such as third country migration and the Eurozone crisis, have strained cooperation among the countries of the European Union. The political response to the Eurozone crisis and austerity policy in the South has been an increase of far-left parties, while the Nordic EU countries have seen a strengthening of nationalist right-wing parties. The nationalist right-wing parties in the Nordics are skeptical to migration, but also to further European integration in various areas of public policy, especially those implying re-distribution. The free movement of labour, a cornerstone of European integration, is questioned increasingly, despite evidence that EU labour migration contributes positively to the economies of the host countries. This context calls for research that analyses one of these or other major challenges of European integration for and/or in the Nordic countries. Preference is given to projects that use qualitative methodology, if possible including comparative analysis. Various types of qualitative methods may be used.


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