Opportunities exist to enhance the biological diversity of cropping systems of the Midwest region. Such diversification faces significant implementation challenges, but has high potential to increase overall productivity, profitability, resource conservation, and resilience to environmental stresses in Midwest cropping systems. The Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics seeks to build faculty capacity related to design and implementation of diversified cropping systems that can realize these potentials.
We are very interested to receive applications from a wide range of folks…a non-exclusive list of relevant training/background includes the following: agronomy, agroecology, ecology, genetics, and soil ecology.
I’d be very grateful for any suggestions you would have for me re. potentially interesting candidates; please feel free to circulate the position description attached as you see fit.
With thanks!  Nick
Nicholas Jordan
Professor, Agroecology
Agronomy & Plant Genetics Department
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