Dear Colleagues,

I’m writing to draw to your attention a new book that is part of the JIBS Special Collections series.  It is titled International Entrepreneurship: The Pursuit of Opportunities Across National Borders (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018), and contains an editorial describing international entrepreneurship research that has been published in JIBS, and eight previously published JIBS papers.  The selected papers have challenged conventional wisdom in international entrepreneurship scholarship and represent diverse topics and empirical methods.  I hope you find the time to (re-)read them!  The Table of Contents is listed below.


Becky Reuber

University of Toronto

Area Editor, International Entrepreneurship, JIBS

1.      Research Themes About International Entrepreneurship: Tales from the JIBS Backlist and Onward Journeys, by A. Rebecca Reuber

Part 1.  Theoretical Foundations of International Entrepreneurship as a Scholarly Field

2.      Toward a Theory of International New Ventures, by Benjamin M. Oviatt and Patricia Phillips McDougall

3.      Creative Tension: The Significant of Ben Oviatt’s and Patricia McDougall’s Article ‘Toward a Theory of International New Ventures,’ by Erkko Autio

Part 2.  Factors Enabling Internationalization Under Resource Constraints

4.      The Survival of International New Ventures, by Ram Mudambi and Shaker A. Zahra

5.      International New Ventures: Revisiting the Influences Behind the ‘Born-Global’ Firm, by Terence Fan and Phillip Phan

Part 3.  Networks and Entrepreneurial Internationalization

6.      The Network Dynamics of International New Ventures, by Nicole E. Coviello

7.      Explaining the Internationalization of iBusiness Firms, by Keith D. Brouthers, Kim Dung Geisser and Franz Rothlauf

Part 4.  Practices and Entrepreneurial Internationalization

8.      Small Firm Internationalisation Unveiled Through Phenomenography, by Peter Lamb, Jörgen Sandberg and Peter W. Liesch

9.      Immigrant Remittances and the Venture Investment Environment of Developing Countries, by Paul M. Vaaler

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