Dear Colleagues,

I’m writing to draw to your attention the recent publication of a special issue of JIBS on The Creation and Capture of Entrepreneurial Opportunities Across National Borders (Volume 49, Issue 4, May 2018).  It contains two editorials on international entrepreneurship as a research area, and four empirical articles which contribute to the area in new ways.  The Table of Contents is listed below.  We hope you find the special issue interesting!

Becky Reuber
University of Toronto
Area Editor, International Entrepreneurship, JIBS

Table of Contents

International entrepreneurship research versus international business research: A false dichotomy? by Alain Verbeke and Luciano Ciravegna

International entrepreneurship: The pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities across national borders, by A. Rebecca Reuber, Gary A. Knight, Peter W. Liesch and Lianxi Zhou

Stability vs. flexibility: The effect of regulatory institutions on opportunity type, by Susan L. Young, Christopher Welter and Michael Conger

Country familiarity in the initial stage of foreign market selection, by Daniel R. Clark, Dan Li and Dean A. Shepherd

Becoming a multinational enterprise: Using industry recipes to achieve rapid multinationalization, by Sinéad Monaghan and Esther Tippmann

Innovation and internationalisation processes of firms with new-to-the-world technologies, by Alexandra Kriz and Catherine Welch

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