Dear Colleagues,
Attached is the Call for Papers for this year's EIBA Conference in December.  The EIBA conference is a good venue for those who are interested in examining the relationship between the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and MNEs with respect to how the former may affect the strategies, operations and policies of the latter.  As a result, I am interested in creating panels in which this relationship can be examined further.  Listed below are a few ideas to consider, but naturally I am interested in hearing your ideas, too.
1. The Role of MNEs in Supporting the SDGs when Governments Do Not (thinking here about what US companies are doing since Trump announced the withdrawal from the Paris Accord).
2. The Difference Between Talk and Action: Requiring MNEs to Demonstrate Prove What is in Their Sustainability Reports (this is related to a recent story on how Coca Cola's claims of replacing every drop of water it uses don't hold up).
3.  Resiliency Thinking, Climate Change and the SDGs: The Role of Private-Public Partnerships Cities,national governments and businesses are developing resilience strategies to cope with climate change; this panel would look at how these strategies can find common ground, and how they might influence, or be influenced by, the SDGs.)
4.  Blockchain and Supply Chains: How Using Blockchain Technology Can Make for More Sustainable Supply Chains and Support the SDGs
As I've done in the past, I'd be happy to coordinate putting the panels together and taking care of the submission process, but you of course you are welcome to create your own panels as well. The deadline for submissions is mid-July, but I think this is time to flesh out some good panel ideas. 
I'm looking forward to hearing from and working with you.
Best regards,
John Dilyard
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