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Colleagues: Below please find the table of contents for Journal of World Business, Volume 53, Issue 4, featuring a number of exciting and stimulating articles on topics include knowledge transfer across the MNE network, expatriates, CEO pay, emotional intelligence, subsidiary responsiveness, cross border acquisitions, capital markets, international expansion, product innovation, export strategy, subsidiary coopetition, and experiential learning.

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[Volume 53, Issue 4, Pages 415-592, June 2018]<>

Journal of World Business<>
Volume 53, Issue 4, Pages 415-592, June 2018<>

Editorial Board <>
Pages ii-v

  Review Article

Complements or substitutes? A meta-analysis of the role of integration mechanisms for knowledge transfer in the MNE network <>    Review Article
Pages 415-432
Rong Zeng, Birgitte Gr°gaard, Piers Steel

  Regular Articles

Americanization as a driver of CEO pay in Europe: The moderating role of CEO power <>    Original Research Article
Pages 433-451
Stefan Schmid, Frederic Altfeld, Tobias Dauth

Expatriates as influencers in global work arrangements: Their impact on foreign-subsidiary employees' ESOP participation <>    Original Research Article
Pages 452-462
Carolin Ahrens, Jana Oehmichen, Michael Wolff

A cross-cultural meta-analysis of how leader emotional intelligence influences subordinate task performance and organizational citizenship behavior <>    Original Research Article
Pages 463-474
Chao Miao, Ronald H. Humphrey, Shanshan Qian

Building subsidiary local responsiveness: (When) does the directionality of intrafirm knowledge transfers matter? <>    Original Research Article
Pages 475-492
Zhaleh Najafi-Tavani, Matthew J. Robson, Ghasem Zaefarian, Ulf Andersson, Chong Yu

Frequency of international expansion through high control market expansion modes and interlocked directorships <>    Original Research Article
Pages 493-503
Siah Hwee Ang, Mirko H. Benischke, Andrea Wai-Leng Hooi

Private information, institutional distance, and the failure of cross-border acquisitions: Evidence from the banking sector in Central and Eastern Europe <>    Original Research Article
Pages 504-513
Sumon Kumar Bhaumik, Oluwarotimi Owolabi, Sarmistha Pal

Emerging Economy MNEs: How does home country munificence matter? <>    Original Research Article
Pages 514-528
Saul Estrin, Klaus E. Meyer, Adeline Pelletier

Product innovation and decision-making autonomy in subsidiaries of multinational companies <>    Original Research Article
Pages 529-539
Sjoerd Beugelsdijk, Bj÷rn Jindra

Subsidiary coopetition competence: Navigating subsidiary evolution in the multinational corporation <>    Original Research Article
Pages 540-554
Esther Tippmann, Pamela Sharkey Scott, Marty Reilly, Donal O'Brien

Capital market liability of foreignness of IPO firms <>    Original Research Article
Pages 555-567
Christina H. Tupper, Orhun Guldiken, Mirko Benischke

To elevate or to duplicate? Experiential learning, host-country institutions, and MNE post-entry commitment increase <>    Original Research Article
Pages 568-580
Moritz Putzhammer, Stav Fainshmidt, Jonas Puck, Arjen Slangen

Export strategy, export intensity and learning: Integrating the resource perspective and institutional perspective <>    Original Research Article
Pages 581-592
Wei Wang, Hao Ma

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