For those growing wheat and barley this year, be prepared, Head scab is on the move…

Head scab could threaten wheat in southern MI as indicated by the scab model(see below).  The model is showing more red than I have seen in a long time.  Granted, we are a bit ahead of flowering in the southern tier for wheat so the risk might change somewhat (winter barley is at greater risk at the moment)  We are having trouble getting the model to display the data consistently for some reason.  Below is a commentary for the scab project that we will send out.  Also. MSU News has an article posted yesterday.



Due to significant rainfall and warmer temperatures, the forecast map is indicating significant risk of head scab in southern MI where flowering will likely begin next week (week of May 27).  The risk may dissipate to an extent by the time flowers appear.  However, some risk will likely persist as current conditions are encouraging spore development, and more wet weather is forecasted. 

In central Michigan, as of May 23, flag leaves are emerging.  The risk of head scab and foliar diseases are below normal.  Of course, this could change in a week’s time.

Growers are encouraged to reference Managing Fusarium head blight in winter wheat  for additional information.  Additionally, for those in southern Michigan where wet field conditions may preclude ground application, aerial application may need to be considered.  See Aerial application of fungicides for the suppression of Fusarium head blight in small grains. 

Martin Nagelkirk and Martin Chilvers

Here is the model they refer to… You can use this to help predict when pressure of diseases increase.

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