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1st Issue 2018
management revue - Socio-Economic Studies, Volume 29

Special Issue 'Challenging Demands in the Modern Workplace'
Guest Editors: Sascha Ruhle, Johannes Siegrist, Stefan Süß, Eva-Ellen Weiß

Sascha Ruhle, Johannes Siegrist, Stefan Süß, Eva-Ellen Weiß
Editorial: Challenging Demands in the Modern Workplace

Sebastian Raetze, Silke Geithner, Gabriele Fassauer
Demands, Stressors, and Resources in Co-Configured Project Work: Case Study of a Construction Company

Karina Becker, Thomas Engel
Temporary Workforce Under Pressure: Poor Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) as a Dimension of Precarity?

Eva Brosch, Carmen Binnewies
A Diary Study on Predictors of the Work-life Interface:The Role of Time Pressure, Psychological Climate and Positive Affective States

Susanne Blazejewski, Eva-Maria Walker
Digitalization in Retail Work: Coping With Stress Through Job Crafting

Book Reviews
Dewe, Philip J. & Cooper, Cary L., Work Stress and Coping: Forces of Change and Challenge (by Ingo Klingenberg)

Korunka, Christian & Kubicek, Bettina (Eds): Job Demands in a Changing World of Work: Impact on Workers’ Health and Performance and Implications for Research and Practice (by Corinna Steidelmüller)

Cooper, Cary L. & Quick, James Campbell (Eds.): The Handbook of Stress and Health: A Guide to Research and Practice (by Eva-Ellen Weiß)

Call for Papers
What Makes a Job Good or Bad? Standards of Good Work Revisited
Submission deadline: 31 August 2018

Forthcoming Issues
Digital Working Life Continuation
Guest Editors: Mikael Ottosson, Wenzel Matiaske, Simon Fietze
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