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Please find below a message informing about the call for application of the
second edition of the Urbino PhD programme in Global Studies.

Details on the programme can be found in the message below and at the link:

Deadline for applications: June 15th 2018.

Interviews of eligible candidates are scheduled on June 28th.

You are kindly asked to circulate this message and to invite qualified
students to apply from your own institution and form other universities you
are in touch with. We look forward to having a large number of high quality

Thanks for your kind attention

Antonello Zanfei


*Second edition of the PhD Programme in Global Studies at Urbino University*

At a time when European integration and disintegration, and challenges to
globalisation dominate current policy concerns, the University of Urbino
offers an interdisciplinary Ph.D. Programme in Global Studies, at a
cross-roads of Economics, Business, Political Science, Sociology and Law.

The programme addresses two thematic areas in alternate years:

-        in the 2018-2019 edition: *Global Society, Cross-border Mobility
and Law*

-        in the 2019-2020 edition: *International Economic Policy, Business
and Governance *(Previous edition: 2017/18)

The upcoming 2018-2019 edition focuses on cross-border movements of
capital, knowledge, labour and people, mainly from institutional, legal and
sociological perspectives. A specific attention will be given to:

   - migrations, cross-border mobility and related policies;
   - human rights, welfare policies and cultures in a global context;
   - international relations, aid policies and diplomacy.

The Ph.D. Programme is developed over three years (from Fall 2018 until
Fall 2021) and will be organised as follows:

• a first year of courses and exams in Urbino;

• a second year of international research and training, mainly spent in
international institutions associated to the Programme;

• a third year of research activity for completing the Ph.D. thesis.

*English *will be the working language of the Ph.D. Programme.

*Nine positions* are offered in the 2018-2019 Ph.D. Programme, including *seven
positions with scholarships* covering fees and an annual tax-free stipend
at standard Italian rates (EUR 15,300 per year; the amount is increased by
50% for training periods outside Italy).

*The Faculty* of the Ph.D. Programme draws from the staff of the University
of Urbino and from a number of outstanding international institutions.

Please visit our *website* to have more
detailed information on this year’s edition of the Programme and Faculty,
as well as an anticipation of the contents of next year’s edition (which
will focus on economic and political aspects of globalisation).


*June 15th 2018 (at 12:00 CEST):* Applications due

*June 28th 2018:* Interview of selected candidates

*Information* on the Ph.D. Programme and Faculty is available at the

Contact: [log in to unmask]

Director of the Ph.D. Programme: Prof. Antonello Zanfei, DESP - University
of Urbino

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