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Organizations and People.

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Volume 24, Issue 2, Pages 87-198, June 2018 
	Journal of International Management 

Volume 24, Issue 2, Pages 87-198, June 2018 

*Global Innovation Networks – Organizations and People*
Edited by Marcelo Cano-Kollmann, Thomas Hannigan and Ram Mudambi

Editorial Board 

/Page ii/

Global Innovation Networks – Organizations and People 
Original Research Article
/Pages 87-92/
Marcelo Cano-Kollmann, T.J. Hannigan, Ram Mudambi

Headquarter Services in the Global Integration of Production 
Original Research Article
/Pages 93-107/
Marilyn Ibarra-Caton, Raymond J. Mataloni

Functional Upgrading and Value Capture of Multinational Subsidiaries 
Original Research Article
/Pages 108-122/
Anže Burger, Björn Jindra, Philipp Marek, Matija Rojec

Countering Overseas Power in Global Value Chains: Information 
Asymmetries and Subcontracting in the Plastics Industry 
Original Research Article
/Pages 123-136/
Michael Murphree, John (Andy) Anderson

Local and Global Knowledge Complementarity: R&D Collaborations and 
Innovation of Foreign and Domestic Firms 
Original Research Article
/Pages 137-152/
C. Annique Un, Alicia Rodríguez

Small Firm Boundary-spanning via Bridging Ties: Achieving International 
Connectivity via Cross-border Inter-cluster Alliances 
Original Research Article
/Pages 153-164/
Anthony Goerzen

Policies to Attract R&D-related FDI in Small Emerging Countries: 
Aligning Incentives With Local Linkages and Absorptive Capacities in 
Original Research Article
/Pages 165-178/
José Guimón, Cristina Chaminade, Claudio Maggi, Juan Carlos Salazar-Elena

Catch-up as a Survival Strategy in the Solar Power Industry 
Original Research Article
/Pages 179-194/
Snehal Awate, V. Ajith, Raji Ajwani-Ramchandani

*  Book Review*

Management Research: European Perspectives, Sabina Siebert(Eds.). 
Routledge, London (2017), ISBN: 9781138721463 

/Pages 195-197/
Mehdi Boussebaa

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