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Dear Colleagues,


Please allow me to announce new book in Research Methods co-authored by Prof. Neven Seric (University of Split, Croatia, Faculty of Economics, Business and Torism) and Jasenko Ljubica (former Tec de Monterrey, Mexico, transferring to HSE Russia), published by Emerald Publishing (UK) under the title ¨Market Research Methods in the Sports Industry¨ available on this link:

Authors combined their both academic and industry experience to deliver this pioneer work to both academic and professional audiences. I attach the Prelim document containing the table of contents, short biographies of authors and the complimentary chapter (also available on my Research Gate Profile – link below). In addition, below I display short synopsis of the work.

Whether professional or amateur, sports businesses must develop their brand and image to meet the expectations of a diverse environment, consisting of fans, sponsors, and other stakeholders.

The value and instruments of market research can provide the required resources for sports businesses to realize their plans. In Market Research in the Sports Industry, Jasenko Ljubica and Neven Seric provide a comprehensive elaboration of market research methods to be used by sports businesses.

The book identifies and explains the most effective uses of market research, drawing upon real-life case studies.The application of the methods presented in this book, ranging from the simplest - monitoring the environment- to the most complex sampling methods, can significantly contribute to the development of sports businesses by increasing the number of members, sponsors, followers and fans. The book will be invaluable for researchers, educators and students of Sports Management and Marketing, and it will prove useful to sporting professionals seeking to gain a competitive edge in the market.

For those interested, I hope you will enjoy in the book and find it useful. In case you should have any queries, I stand at your disposal.

Keep writing/researching/educating!


Jasenko Ljubica, PhD

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