AIB members,

Taking into account the importance of social media and the valuable time
people engage on social media like Facebook to read alerts and posts, we
have  been using facebook channel to post alerts from the journals etc. We
have a group with 300 active members group - with a title : RESEARCH IN
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS.   You are welcome to join the group to get latest

The group is to post the latest contents from different IB journals weekly
basis so that members will get automatic alerts to their private page.
This will help the researchers to be up-to-date and use the latest articles
in their research, rather than publishing articles with outdated
citations.  The idea is to store the latest Table of Contents from
different IB journals in one Platform. and the call for papers. So, this
group has the potential to grow like a single reference point for IB
researchers in future, instead of checking several websites.

This is a forum where information useful for, researchers in the broad area
of international business can be posted/ALERTED. We will post Table of
contents from Journals in the broad area of International Business, Call
for papers etc. It's an open group, meaning a non-member can also read the

The weblink to the group.

 (approx 300 members now, but expected to be a group of more than 1000-2000
researchers / members in a month's time. Journal editors can directly post
the new issue alerts-ToC or send it to me)

In the Events section please add conferences, special issues and calls for
chapter contributions that may be of interest for the members of this Group.
Some reminders:

- You/ Your representative can send us an email with Table of Contents of
your latest issue so that we would be able to post the ALERTS on time.

• This forums is NOT for self promotion.

• Invite friends WHO might be interested in what we are sharing.
Enjoy the group and share with us any relevant information!

We/ I do have Social media pages for sharing teaching resources in the area
of international business too.

1. Video resources / cases for courses such as International marketing ,
Export-import management . 1900 likes as of now.

2. Video resources etc for a core course - International Business . .   470 likes

3.  Business Environment , 250 members.

Best Regards,

Professor- Business School, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR, USA
Guest Editor (2018-19):  1.International Business Review, Small Bus
3.. J of retailing & CS  4. J of Promotion Management
Sr Editor- 1.International J of Emerging Markets 2- European J of inter mgmt
Import Management Oxford University Press
ResearchGate <>   Academia

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