Dear Colleagues,


I am pleased to share with you Table of Contents for MOR Volume 14, Issue 1.


Of particular interest is MOR’s renewed interest in indigenous scholarship, with Professor Andrew Van de Ven joining MOR’s editorial team as Deputy Editor for 'Engaged Indigenous Scholarship'.


I very much trust that you will find reading this issue interesting, and will share the articles with your colleagues doing research in similar areas!


Best wishes always,


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Arie Y. Lewin


Management and Organization Review


Management and Organization Review 14.1


Arie Y. Lewin

Letter from Editor


Nancy DiTomaso and Yanjie Bian

The Structure of Labor Markets in the US and China: Social Capital and Guanxi


Evgeniya Balabanova, Alexey Rebrov, and Alexei Koveshnikov

Managerial Styles in Privately Owned Domestic Organizations in Russia: Heterogeneity, Antecedents, and Organizational Implications


Wubiao Zhou

Property Rights, Deregulation, and Entrepreneurial Development in a Transition Economy


Wei He, Ru-Yi Zhou, Li-Rong Long, Xu Huang, and Po Hao

Self-Sacrificial Leadership and Followers’ Affiliative and Challenging Citizenship Behaviors: A Relational Self-Concept Based Study in China


Wen Pan and Li-Yun Sun

A Self-Regulation Model of Zhong Yong Thinking and Employee Adaptive Performance


Runtian Jing and Andrew Van de Ven

Toward a Chance Management View of Organizational Change


Debabrata Chatterjee and Sreevas Sahasranamam

Technological Innovation Research in China and India: A Bibliometric Analysis for the Period 1991–2015



Dialogue, Discourse, and Debate


Liisa Välikangas

Introduction to a Scholar’s Quest


James G. March

A Scholar’s Quest


Deborah Dougherty

Managers Fail to Innovate and Academics Fail to Explain How




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