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I would be very grateful if you could please distribute this
information. Thank you. Dr. Jorge Mongay-Hurtado.

Dear AIB Member:

I am in the process of finding a partner university or Business School
interested to cooperating in the updating every year of the INDEX OF
MULTINATIONAL VALUE(IMV). The first one has been launched and calculated
with the figures of the year 2016 but very soon, results of year 2017
will be presented. The idea is to update it yearly between the months of
January and April. Forms of collaboration can include sponsoring,
special sessions, or other research projects as an example. I am open to
proposals and suggestions. The partner B-School or University Dept.
could use the naming rights of the IMV attaching its school name to it.
E.g. Index (School Name) of Multinational Value. Sponsoring might also
be shared with other institutions as research centers, newspapers,
chambers of commerce, associations of exporters, etc.  

The methodology used and article recently published appears here:
_"Mongay Hurtado, J., 2018. Measuring the Multinational Business Value:
An Indexing Approach". Expert Journal of Economics, 6(1), pp.1-14.
Indexing / Abstracting: Econlit, Repec, DOAJ, Econpapers.  _

More information on the IMV can be found here

In case you are interested please send email to [log in to unmask] 


Dr.Jorge Mongay, Ph.D/ Doctor in Business Administration.
Professor of International Management
E-mail: [log in to unmask]
Website: [1]


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