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Aims and Scope of the Issue

Amidst an incessantly changing business environment, characterized by constant shape-shifting of macro- and micro-environmental forces, organizations across the globe are struggling to evolve in a manner that befits their individual and collective contextual developments. Traditional and time-honored strategic management and marketing theories, planning and practices, nonetheless, appear decreasingly proficient in offering the right means to the desired effects; with the latter, themselves, also becoming increasingly more vague.

Inescapably, organizations throughout the typological spectrum, particularly businesses, have begun to question the habitual road of conventional strategic practices to adopt innovative means to often innovative ends. Their novelty, incorporating and utilizing new approaches to critical factors, such as organization, technology, consumer behavior and marketing communications, has relied on new notions, concepts, attitudes, processes and systems that creatively, experientially and/or instinctively, have achieved the desired effects. These positive end results have been marked in varied strategic organizational aspects, including human resource management, agility, productivity, business development, customer relationship, marketing and consumer targeting. Their potentialities have become even wider and deeper.

Much like industry practice, scholarly research has naturally and irreversibly begun to pay attention to these phenomena of strategic reorientation and redefinition in both means and ends. Works are being published in an effort to descriptively comprehend and/or prescriptively adapt organizations to the new business realities. In this vein, a multi-perspective strategic outlook is called upon to view the matter both in terms of its varied managerial and marketing functions, but also in relation to different organizational types.     

The journal of International Studies of Management & Organization, thus, in the above context, calls for empirical and/or conceptual scientific papers and case studies that investigate the matter of ‘Innovative Strategic Business Theories, Models and Practices’. This special issue aims to provide a constructive mix of business research and geographic area foci of strategic propositions and paradigms that are innovative and unorthodox, and befitting the trending conditions of business. Moreover, the selected papers should ensure essentially and visibly high scholarly standard, and represent an array of schools of thought and institutions devoted to these foci. The submitted papers must reflect the evolution of management philosophy, attitude and practice; and provide direction and/or food for thought for international consideration, development and application; both for scholars and practitioners alike.

Finally, and beyond the strict confines of the papers’ foci, this special issue endeavors to implicitly define and communicate a changing organizational spirit and philosophy that transcends the limitations of tangible functionality to embrace strategic management and marketing notions pertaining to the wider business environment shifts and developments. With this note, the issue editors wish to invite papers focused on, but not restricted to, the following research themes:

Timeline of the publication process

Submission of full papers on the ISMO Editorial Manager Platform: May 4, 2018

Editorial Desk decision: Within 2 weeks from the submission date

Review report communicated to authors: August 3, 2018

Submission of Revised-papers along with ‘Author Response Letter’: October 5, 2018

Final Submission of the complete issue to Journal Editors: November 16, 2018

Schedule of Online/Print Publication: 2019

Submission of Papers

All submissions must satisfy the theme of the special issue. The papers should contribute to theory testing/ development, and/or policy implications.

Please submit your manuscripts on the ISMO Editorial Manager Platform. Kindly direct your queries to the Guest Editor, Dr. Alkis Thrassou.

We look forward to receiving your submission.

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