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Please consider submitting an abstract or leading a multidisciplinary panel for the upcoming Society for Risk Analysis – Australia and New Zealand (SRA-ANZ) 2018 conference, to be held at the University of Sydney Business School.


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The Society for Risk Analysis-Australia and New Zealand (SRA-ANZ) is pleased to share details of its 2018 conference:


Risk Prisms – Exploring the multifaceted nature of risk

The University of Sydney Business School

25 – 28 September 2018


In the field of optics, a prism is a transparent object with at least two angled sides that break up white light into its constituent colours. In the same way that a single beam of light is in reality made up of different colours, the systems-based approach to risk analysis proposes that risk is likewise composed of different elements. These individual elements in turn are combined into a range of subsets with different probabilities. ‘Refracting’ risk requires at least two different disciplines offering at least two different angles or perspectives of the same risk. Indeed, bringing together more than two disciplines can potentially offer even richer insights into the complexity of risk.


In line with this, SRA-ANZ is inviting:

–  abstracts on multi-disciplinary risk research projects

–  multi-disciplinary panels of risk scholars

–  abstracts on current risk research projects (which may not necessarily be multi-disciplinary in nature, but may stimulate questions and further research in other disciplines) on any topic in risk characterisation, risk assessment/ evaluation/ measurement, risk perception, risk communication, risk management, and risk governance


For more information on the conference and panel/ abstract submission, please visit:


For further conference enquiries, please email:

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We look forward to welcoming you to the University of Sydney Business School in September!


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