Call forCollaboration - The 2018 Nusantara project

Are you teaching Management, IB,IM or a related course? And you want to provide your students with opportunityto be a consultant in Asia Business. Nusantara Project is the best way to addthe experience. Currently we are accepting applications for this semester. Wewill put students in Global Virtual teams that consist of 3-5 students fromdifferent country.  

This year wealso provide an opportunity to you and your students to publish the paperresult to Conference and Google Scholar, DOAJ, Copernicus Indexed Journals. Selectedpapers will have opportunity to be published in Scopus Index Journal. Attendingthe conference is not compulsory for the project but submit papers toconference is must.  Below is the linkfor conference information:

This project is fit to lecturerswho teach International business, management, marketing and other relatedcourse to participate in the 2017 Nusantara Worldwide project. This the 2018 NusantaraWorldwide project is focusing to train students to become a consultant for companiesin Asia and the theme is Supply Chain and Project Management

In this project,students will join the Global Virtual Team and collaborate with other studentsfrom different universities in Indonesia to manage a consulting company.Students are expected to advice the real companies in Indonesia addressing someof the issues that challenge the growth of their business. This workingexperience will provide student with real-world skills through a “feel, tasteand touch” oriented process where students as a team work for businesses on aspecific oriented project. 


Requirement Undergraduateand Master’s


Project duration:  20thApril 2018 – 25th May 2018

Applicationdeadline: 10 April 2018


Previous partnerCompanies:

-       Sahid Montana

-       Mykargo Apps

-       Kusuma Jewelry and Art 

-       Bentoel Ltd

-       Cool Clean

-       Gramedia
-       Unilever


If you want to provide your students with a real-world experienceand train them to be a consultant so this project will be fit with you.  INTERNSHIP opportunity is available in ourpartner company so you can inform your students that they can apply forinternship opportunity. The  Award Certificatewill be given in the end of the project. 

The benefits of the project are: 

1.     Enhance yourstudents learning in IB and management

2.     Gain realexperience to be a consultant for Asia company

3.     Learn aboutthe business culture in Asia especially Indonesia

4.     Networkingwith companies and institutions in Indonesia

5.     Skillsacknowledgement from the partner company in Indonesia

6.     Researchplatform and collaboration using the data in the project


This projectis free of charge but students and lecturers should commit to finish thereport. Should this project be of interest to you, please contact [log in to unmask] forfurther information or register your interest. 

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