*Inaugural International Symposium “Out of (and into) Africa” on African
Consumer Marketing and Firm Strategies*

*(Sponsored by: Morgan State University and Association of Consumer

*Date: May 24-25, 2018*

*Venue: Morgan State University Campus, Baltimore, Maryland*

*Symposium Co-Chairs:*

*Dr. Haiyan Hu**, Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management, Morgan
State University*

*Dr. Omar J. Khan**, Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management,
Morgan State University*

Symposium email for ALL submissions: *[log in to unmask]*
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We are delighted to invite scholars to participate in the first ever
international symposium of research on consumers, marketing and firm
strategy in the African context. We hope you can join us in Baltimore,
Maryland on May 24-25, 2018 for this exciting event.

*About the Symposium*

The African continent has often been overlooked in the field of consumer
research, despite the fact that it contributes over $1.5 trillion in total
GDP and that the disposable income of the middle class in the five major
countries alone matches that of China (Bain, 2015). Total consumer spending
has already surpassed that of Russia and is expected to double by 2020.
Despite the promising social economic development in Africa and foreign
marketers' enthusiasm toward its future growth, there is limited market or
consumer research for marketing practitioners to draw on (McKinsey's,
2012). The literature review shows that existing knowledge on African
consumption and behavior is fragmented.  We set following three goals for
this symposium:

1.       Reviewing current knowledge on African consumers, marketing and
firm strategy - highlighting gaps in our knowledge and understanding of the
field in that African context.

2.       Developing an agenda for future research

3.       Fostering collaborations among consumer, marketing and firm
strategy researchers of similar interests.

The symposium intends to provide opportunities for brainstorming and
dialogues among researchers and marketing practitioners. We will especially
encourage collaboration between academia and businesses in the US and those
from all over Africa.  The symposium is open to any and all scholars who
have research work related to the conference theme, and these can include:
academic faculty, doctoral students, policy makers, bureaucrats, think tank
researchers, NGO experts, and senior corporate managers.

We strongly encourage authors from outside the U.S. to submit your work as
early as possible to allow time to arrange our International Affair
Division to issue invitation letter and provide support for your visa
application.  If this applies to you, please contact. Dr. Yacob Atstatke in
the Division of International Affairs ([log in to unmask]) for more


*Collaboration with Journal Special Issues:*

We are also delighted to be collaborating with two journal special issues
for which our conference will be serving as a conduit. Please note the

1)      Select papers with a macromarketing focus will be submitted,
following revisions after the symposium (due October 30, 2018), to the
guest editors for a *special issue* of the *Journal of Macromarketing*
entitled “Macromarketing in the African Context”

2)      Select papers with a focus on acquisitions, joint ventures and
modes of foreign market entry will be submitted, following revisions after
the symposium (due August 31, 2018), to the guest editor for a *special
issue* of *Thunderbird International Business Review* (TIBR) entitled
“Market Entry in Africa”.

*Submission Options to Symposium: *

1.       Competitive Refereed Paper Submission Guidelines: Competitive
refereed papers should not exceed 15 double-spaced pages including
references, tables and figures using 12-point font. Each paper is to have a
separate cover page with each author’s name, affiliation, and email.
Multiple authorships should indicate the contact person. Authors should
avoid revealing their identities in the body of the paper. The title of the
paper should appear on the first page of the manuscript, followed by a
150-word abstract, single spaced. The body of the paper follows right after
on the first page using double spacing and adhering strictly to APA style.

2.       Working Paper or Extended Abstracts Submission Guidelines: Working
papers or extended abstracts, which focus on research in its early stages,
should not be less than three pages and should not exceed seven
double-spaced pages including references, tables and figures using 12-point
font.  Please follow the formatting guidelines specified for competitive
refereed papers.  Include a separate cover page with the name, affiliation,
and email address of each presenter.

3.       Panel, Special Session, & Workshop Proposal Submission Guidelines:
Proposals should not exceed 2 double-spaced pages. Include a separate cover
page with the name, affiliation, and email of each presenter.

*Research paper topic areas* for submissions *include, but are NOT limited
to,* the following (*any other areas** are invited* as long as the *African
context* is emphasized and/or leveraged):

·         Product, Promotion and Branding Strategies

·         Emerging Middle Class and Class Structures

·         Retailing and Services Marketing

·         Diversity, Social and Political Environment

·         Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

·         Strategy and Organizational Behavior

·         Cross-cultural Marketing

·         Consumer Demographics and Segmentation

·         Finance and Investment

·         Economic Integration and Globalization

·         Information Systems Management

·         Social Media/E-Business

·         FDI and Modes of Foreign Market Entry

·         International Business and Exporting

·         Country-of-Origin and Place Branding

·         Human Resources

·         Supply Chain Management

·         Entrepreneurship and Born Globals

·         The African Diaspora and Business

·         Business Education and Public Policy

*Special Program within Symposium: Integrating Africa into Business
Education* (Program Chair: Dr. Penelope Muzanenhamo, University College
Dublin). This special program within the symposium invites all submission
options illuminating the topic of incorporating African context and
paradigms within business education at institutions outside Africa. The
Special Program Chair can be reached directly at [log in to unmask]
or you can email to the symposium email address with “special program” in
the subject line.

*All submissions* should be emailed to: *[log in to unmask]
<[log in to unmask]>.*

*Submission Process: *

            Submit competitive refereed papers, working papers, extended
abstracts and/or proposals via email attachment in Microsoft WORD by *FEBRUARY
26, 2018*.  In the subject line of the email please indicate the
appropriate topic area (either from the list above or any other relevant
topic in African business context). At least one author for competitive
submissions that are accepted must register and attend the Symposium. All
submissions, proposals and any general questions should be emailed directly
to: *[log in to unmask] <[log in to unmask]>*.

*Submission Deadline: February 26, 2018*


Omar J. Khan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Marketing and International Business

Faculty Advisor, American Marketing Association
Earl Graves School of Business and Management
Morgan State University
*Ph: 443-885-3641*

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