Ziibimijwang (ZEE-BEE mige-waang) Inc. is committed to restoring and strengthening mino-bimaadiziwin
(Anishinaabe- the Good Life) of the Odawa Community through a foundation of indigenous food systems
and cultural activities. We are a Tribally owned non-profit located in the “Tip of the Mitt” only 10 miles
south of Mackinaw City, Michigan. We are proud to grow high quality, nutritionally dense vegetables using
sustainable farming practices that will follow Organic standards that care for the soil, groundwater, and
adjacent natural areas. We use no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides, supply local food systems
via agriculture (100acre farm), sustainable foraging, and sustainable fish harvest, and will soon venture into
retail and food services that showcase local and indigenous foods. We are committed to extraordinary
results and we are looking for a farm manager/grower that has the skills and commitment to produce high
level professional results and the ability to adapt and respond to challenges and needs as they arise.

Degree in agriculture, vegetable production, horticulture or related field, or completion of a certificate
program such as the MSU Student Organic Farmer Training or similar and/or equivalent experience.
x Must have a driver’s license and be insurable.
x Minimum 4 years documented work experience on a farm or market garden with at least two of those
years being in a managerial capacity.
x Physical ability to lift 50 lbs. and work outside in all seasons and weather conditions.
x Knowledge and skills in organic growing methods, pest management, soil management, composting and
safe food handling.
x Experience with the organic certification process.
x 4 season growing experience with knowledge in hoophouse and greenhouse production
x Knowledge of farm equipment machinery and repairs.
x Strong organizational and record keeping skills.
x Entrepreneurial energy, high level of initiative, flexibility and positive problem-solving attitude.
x Excellent personal, communication, and customer service skills.
x Passion for innovation and excellence in local food systems and rural communities.
x Construction experience a plus but not required

Additional Details:
A candidate will have a strong practical knowledge of agricultural skills, experience in crop
management, record keeping and marketing. The Ziibimijwang Manager/Grower needs a good
understanding of the rhythm of farm work including the appropriate time to do certain tasks both on a
daily basis and weekly schedule, how much time to allow for task completion, and maintaining a
schedule. The work is largely autonomous so a good candidate must be self-directed and self-motivated
while also working collaboratively with the Ziibimijwang Board of Directors. Organizational and record
keeping skills are imperative. Attention to detail is required in all aspects of the position

•Provide oversight and management of Ziibimijwang Farm operations (currently 10 acre production but potential to expand to 100 acres).
• Crop Care: Growing, maintenance, management and sales of crops.
• Manage crops using organic, high productivity practices.
• Insect and weed control, fertility monitoring and general field observation.
• Practice 4 season vegetable production and season extension.
• Manage, maintain and perform simple repairs of all Ziibimijwang Farm equipment, irrigation, high tunnels,
 house, cooler, gates, fences, etc.
• Keep detailed records of expenses, sales, crop schedules, yields, successes and failures.
• Manage and direct supplemental labor, if required, for Ziibimijwang Farm.
• Maintain Ziibimijwang Farm and grounds in a professional and attractive condition.
• Friendly and open interaction with neighbors and visitors and ability to positively engage in community
 relationships at the farm and markets.
• Work as a team member with community partners.
• Work respectfully and cooperatively with the Ziibimijwang Board of Directors.
x The Ziibimijwang Farm is a community asset and appropriate maintenance of the facility is required, just
as in any other business or endeavor.
x Keeping good records of planting, harvesting, fertilizing, sales, and all other documents relevant to organic

Two Bedroom Farmhouse ($9,600 annual value))and utilities (heat, water, electric, Up to $200 per month,
$2,400 annually)
$12 per hour wage.
Benefits Package
Bonuses up to 7% of agriculture-related gross revenue.

This position is based on the entrepreneurial model. Ziibimijwang is committed to developing a successful
model based on proven techniques and we are committed to putting into place conditions that support a
grower’s success. This position is for a grower who has an entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit, is ready to
build a business, is motivated to make it successful, and have an adaptive management style

To apply, email you resume and a cover letter to [log in to unmask]