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It is our pleasure to announce you that a new issue of EBER (indexed by
SCOPUS and in ESCI Web of Science Core Collection) has been released. 

Our latest issue deals with 'International Competiveness', and it includes
the following articles (full PDF version of the journal is open access at
our website):  


Editorial <>  

Pablo Collazzo Yelpo, Áron Perényi 

 <> PDF 


Thematic Articles

Competitiveness, Technology Licensing, and Ease of Paying Taxes: A
30-Country Study

Michael Troilo, Micha³ Zdziarski, J. Markham Collins 

 <> PDF 



From the Concept to the Measurement of Sustainable Competitiveness: Social
and Environmental Aspects

Eleanor Doyle, Mauricio Perez-Alaniz 

 <> PDF 



Education Agents as Competitiveness Enhancers of Australian Universities by
Internationalisation Facilitation

Anirban Sarkar, Áron Perényi 

 <> PDF 



The Role of Relationships in Initiating the Internationalisation Process in
B2B Markets <>  

Bartosz Deszczyñski, Krzysztof Fonfara, Adam Dymitrowski 

 <> PDF 



International Competitiveness and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Chen Liu 

 <> PDF 



RCEP versus TPP with the Trump Administration in the USA and Implications
for East Asian Economic Cooperation

Sang Chul Park 

 <> PDF 


Other Articles

Productivity Gap: A Chance or an Obstacle in Absorbing Benefits from FDI in
a Host Country <>

Liwiusz Wojciechowski 

 <> PDF 



The Evolution of the Virtuality Phenomenon in Organisations: A Critical
Literature Review

Mehmet A. Orhan 

 <> PDF 



Business Environment and Economic Growth in the European Union Countries:
What Can Be Explained for the Convergence?

Agnieszka G³odowska 

 <> PDF 



Exploring the Role of Ownership in International Entrepreneurship: How does
Ownership Affect Internationalisation of Polish Firms?

Krzysztof Wach 

 <> PDF 




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Guest Editors: 

Pablo Collazzo Yelpo -Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
Áron Perényi - Swinburne University of Technology, Australia


Krzysztof Wach - Cracow University of Economics, Poland 



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Editorial Secretary: Dr Agnieszka G³odowska (authors and reviewers) 

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