Finance has traditionally been slow to adopt meta analytic and systematic review approaches. This is surprising in light of the centrality of processes using the approach of Cochrane Reviews (See in medical science, and meta analytic approaches in psychology and neuroscience.

Cognate disciplines, such as psychology, economics , IB and management have also adopted meta-analysis approaches, albeit less intensely. Examples include Griffeth et al on employee turnover in J Management 2000, Tihyani et al on entry mode in JIBS 2005, Verlegh and Steenkamp on country of origin models in J Econ Psych 1999 and numerous others.

Meta Analytic and systematic review papers are in general very highly cited, more so than mere survey and literature review articles, helpful as they may be.

Allied to this has been a growing concern in many areas of science around the replicability and reliability of published findings. From Ioannidis, PLOS Med 2005, through the work of Camerer et al, Science 2016, across many fields we have seen both a growing scepticism of single approach findings and a call for more powerful, newer and more general tests of hypotheses. Systematic reviews and meta analyses can play a valuable role in strengthening the evidence of financial and economic phenomena.

To this end the International Review of Financial Analysis intends to hold a symposium on meta analysis and systemic reviews in international finance. Papers presented at this symposium will be considered for a Special Issue of IRFA. This symposium will be held in Poznan on 9 June 2018. Symposium participants will be responsible for their own expenses.

Authors interested in presenting at this symposium should submit to IRFA, at, selecting the SI:MetaAnalysis option. No submission fee will be charged for these special issue submissions. Papers will be reviewed initially by members of the editorial board, and subsequently may be invited for presentation at the symposium, or to be otherwise processed. Papers presented will be given an expedited review by editorial board members and others, with the intent to have a final determination by Autumn 2018.

Examples of areas in which we are interested in having papers presented include, but are by no means limited to:

  1. The effect of surprises and announcements on financial assets and asset markets
  2. Microstructure findings in international traded assets
  3. Spillovers and contagion findings
  4. The global financial crisis and its effects on sovereign debt markets
  5. Financialisation of commodity markets
  6. Safe haven assets

Prospective authors are invited to contact the Editor in chief, Professor Brian Lucey, or the Guest Editor for the Special Issue, Professor Maurice Peat and Professor Jacek Mizerka

Important deadlines:


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