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APMAA 2018 Tokyo Conference Call for Papers

Dear colleagues,

The 2018 Conference of Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Association (APMAA 2018) is held at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan from October 29 (Monday) to November 1 (Thursday), 2018. The conference is jointly organized by Waseda University,  APMAA  Japan  and  APMAA.    We welcome academia and practitioners around the world to join us in the APMAA 2018.


If you are thinking of paper submissions and/or participation to APMAA 2018, please visit 

 http://apmaa.org/APMAA_2018_Tokyo/  or

and get detail information of the conference.   You can also get information directly from:
   Masaaki Aoki ([log in to unmask]
) , Co-chair of APMAA 2018  Conference (in Charge of Parallel Sessions), and Shoichiro Hosomi ([log in to unmask]),  Chair of APMAA 2018 Doctoral Colloquium.

 Important Dates for Authors :

Paper Submission Deadline: July 10, 2018

Paper Acceptance Notification: September 1, 2018

Conference Registration and Fee Payment Deadline: September 15, 2018


APMAA2018 invites you to organize Special Sessions and/or Workshops. Please send  us your proposal that shows a rough design of the Special Session or the Workshop held in “One and half hours” or ”Two hours” timeslot (time bucket) .
   Susumu Ueno
([log in to unmask]
), Chair of the Board of Directors, and
   Masao Tsuji ([log in to unmask]), Chair of APMAA 2018 (14th) Conference.


We are confident that APMAA 2018 will provide you and your colleagues a good opportunity to present research outcomes. Please prepare now for your paper submission and participation to this important conference.


We look forward to seeing you and your colleagues in Tokyo next year.


Best regards,


Masao Tsuji ([log in to unmask]), Chair of APMAA 2018

Yiming Hu ([log in to unmask]), President of APMAA
Susumu Ueno ([log in to unmask]), Chair of the APMAA Board of Directors

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