Dear Researcher,

With over two decades of academic excellence, Amity Education Group has
come to be recognized for pioneering global culture in education in India
and abroad. Presently the Amity Education Group comprises of 6
universities, 17 schools& preschools, 150+ institutions and overseas
campuses across London, New York, California, Singapore, Mauritius, Dubai,
Abu Dhabi, South Africa, Beijing, Nanjing and Romania. The Amity Group is
home to over 100,000 students pursuing 250 courses in 60 diverse
disciplines across preschool to Ph.D.

 Amity International Business School, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh,
which is part of Amity Education Group, is one of the pioneering
Institution of India in the area of quality research, innovation, and
consulting. Amity International Business School was founded in 1998. The
institution offers MBA, BBA, EMBA and Ph.D. courses in the area of
International Business.

 In our endeavor to enrich the research, we publish three international
referred research Journals in the area of management. The objective of
these Journals is to create the platform for researcher’s to share their
quality research work with the academia and industry.

Amity International Business School is inviting cases for the Feb edition
of its annual, double-blind, peer-reviewed *Amity Case Research Journal
ACRJ* *(ISSN No. 2319-9199)*

We seize this opportunity to extend an invitation to you along with your
colleagues to contribute the case studies from management domain for the
publication in the journal. Authors are advised to go through the
guidelines before submitting the case.

Kindly note that the last date for submitting the complete case study is 31
st December 2017. In case of any query, you may contact Dr. Alka (Mobile
9301523517; email : [log in to unmask])

*Author Guidelines :*

   - Paper submitted should be an original and unpublished work. Any paper
   submitted which is identical or substantially similar work already
   published or under review for another conference or publication, will not
   be considered.
   - A covering letter clearly certifying that the manuscript is original
   and has neither been published anywhere nor is at present being considered
   for any other publication should accompany the manuscript.
   - The abstract of the paper should not exceed 300 words with 4-6
   keywords. Submit an electronic copy of the abstract by 25th December 2017
    at [log in to unmask],[log in to unmask] <[log in to unmask],>
   - The Review Committee will screen the abstract(s). The abstract(s)
   approved by the committee will be selected for the submission of the full
   length paper for the conference. All the author(s) of the accepted papers
   will be intimated accordingly.
   - First page of the manuscript should have the broad theme, title of the
   paper, name of the author(s), organization’s affiliation, complete postal
   address, phone number, fax number(if any) and e-mail address followed by
   abstract and full paper. Kindly do not mention author(s) name, affiliation
   or any other such information inside the manuscript.
   - Recommended length of the research paper should be between 4000-6000
   words. Font used should be Times New Roman with font size 12 and double
   - Tables, illustrations, charts, figures etc. should be serially
   numbered and duly acknowledged. Sources of the data need to be given below
   each table.
   - First level subheading should be left-justified, in upper and lower
   case, and printed in 14-point Times New Roman, boldface; second level
   subheadings should be left –justified, in upper and lower case, in
   12-point Times New Roman boldface. The paragraph begins right after the
   sub-heading. Headings and sub-headings will not carry any numbering.
   - References should be complete in all respects, with authors’
   surnames arranged alphabetically, following conventional citation styles.
   Authors are requested to follow the APA Style.
   - Multiple authors, if attending the conference, will have to register
   separately to be entitled for the conference certificate (Authors who do
   not register will not be entitled for the conference certificate). Authors,
   who are keen to present more than one paper, will have to register for both
   - Submit an electronic copy of the complete manuscript along with the
   abstract(s), by 30th December 2017 at the *[log in to unmask]
   <[log in to unmask]>.*The author(s) must register themselves for the
   conference by 15th January 2018 to ensure the inclusion of the paper in
   the conference proceedings. Without registration, the paper will not be
   included in the conference proceedings.


Dr. Alka Maurya

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