Dear AIB-Colleagues,

For those seeking to boost research productivity, publish, and expand
co-author network: X-Culture Research Hackathon.

You may have heard about the X-Culture Project.

About 5,000 people working in 850 global virtual teams from 40+ countries
participate in the project every semester. The teams are closely observed
and the project generates tons of data. We track over 2,000 variables;
longitudinal, multi-level, multi-source, multi-method data. The data are
suitable for studying just about any aspect of teamwork, international
collaboration, org. behavior, and international business.

Think about it as a giant virtual research lab.

We believe in open collaboration, so we share our data.
More on our data and principles of collaboration here:


To boost our research productivity and collaboration, X-Culture organizes
regular research HACKATHONS, a.k.a. Paper Development Conference.

Four-day, non-stop paper development marathon.  You return home with a
clear paper idea, co-authors, initial results, feedback, and a draft of

More on the X-Culture Research Hackathon concept here:



June 21-24, in Lacrosse, WI (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse campus)
That’s right before the Academy of International Business meeting in
Minneapolis (June 25-28, 2018).

We provide transportation from and back to Minneapolis.


$425, covers everything, including lodging, food, transportation to and
from Minneapolis.


January 1, 2018.


The event is organized as a conference. You will have to submit a paper
abstract and present your research. So you can apply for funding from your
university as you would for any other conference.

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Dr. Vas Taras

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University of North Carolina at Greensboro
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