The Science Learning Research Group in the Teaching & Learning 
Department, Temple University, is seeking a student to join our doctoral 
program and to assist on an NSF-funded project under the supervision of 
Drs. Doug Lombardi and Janelle Bailey.

This is a 4-year NSF-funded project entitled “Engaging Students in 
Scientific Practices: Evaluating Evidence and Explanation in Secondary 
Earth and Space Science.” The graduate research assistant would be 
funded for four years, and will help the research team in developing and 
testing innovative scaffolds for high school Earth and environmental 
science instruction.

The graduate research assistant would be a student in Temple’s 
interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Education, with a Concentration in 
Mathematics and Science Education. To find out more about the program, 
including how to apply, please click on the following link:

All applicants interested in this fully-funded position should specify 
in their submitted Statement of Goals that they are interested in being 
a doctoral student on this project and working specifically with Drs. 
Lombardi and Bailey.

Please note that applications are due December 1, 2017.

For more information regarding the project and the assistantship, and/or 
the application procedures, please contact Doug Lombardi at 
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