Competitiveness Review Virtual Special Issue:
Clusters at the crossroad between competitiveness of firms, industries and locations


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The Competitiveness Review aims to be the leading platform for academic research and conceptual policy dialogue on the competitiveness of locations. Competitiveness, understood as the set of factors, institutions and activities that enable a location to sustain a high level of prosperity and companies located there to compete successfully, requires an inclusive, cross-discipline perspective.


The theme of this issue is ‘Clusters at the crossroad between competitiveness of firms, industries and locations’. The study of clusters has not only kept the attention of scholars and academics but is also of particular interest for practitioners and politics. Research papers and applied projects on clusters have been flourishing in the past decade, both in developed economies and emerging markets, at the firm, industrial, geographical level. To help support and develop the cluster theory, understand its effects on the economy and foster cluster-oriented projects, the editors of Competitiveness Review have pulled together a selection of recent articles to help spread the knowledge on clusters to the community.


Virtual Special Issue  

Issue 27.4

Current thinking on cluster theory and its translation in economic geography and strategic and operations management: Is a reconciliation possible?

Reinaldo Belickas Manzini , Luiz Carlos Di Serio


Issue 27.3

The competitiveness of emerging country multinational enterprise: Does it derive from CSAs or FSAs?

Peter J. Buckley


Home country underdevelopment and internationalization: Innovation-based and escape-based internationalization

Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra , Ravi Ramamurti


Issue 27.2

Enhancing dynamism in clusters: A model for evaluating cluster organizations’ bridge-building activities across cluster gaps

Sergey Morgulis-Yakushev , Örjan Sölvell


Issue 26.4

Clusters on the road to internationalization – evidence from a CEE economy

Barbara Jankowska , Cezary Główka


City clusters and break-out in corporate competitiveness: Patterns and perspectives focusing on innovation capabilities and India

Kirankumar S. Momaya


Issue 26.2

Radical innovation of a business model: Is business modelling a key to understand the essence of doing business?

Sarah Philipson


Impact of clusters on regional economic performance: A methodological investigation and application in the case of the precision goods sector in Switzerland

Mathieu Resbeut , Philippe Gugler


Issue 26.1

Do clusters follow the industry life cycle?: Diversity of cluster evolution in old industrial régions

Jesús M. Valdaliso , Aitziber Elola , Susana Franco


Issue 25.5

Creativity, clusters and the competitive advantage of cities

Roger Martin , Richard Florida , Melissa Pogue , Charlotta Mellander


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Christian Ketels, Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, Harvard Business School, USA

Editors-in-Chief, Competitiveness Review



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