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The Global Research= Society, LLC based in Michigan, USA at the address below is devoted to the= development of paid research activities performed by academics and practit= ioners from around the world on a project-by-project basis. The primary foc= us of this society is on international business activities within the conte= xt of contemporary globalization. Other connected areas include education, = environmental standards, management, and foreign policy. The firm is a Regi= stered IBM Business Partner and a US Government Contractor.

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Exa= mples of projects can include the following:

* Developing a feasibility study for corporate c= lients wishing to expand operations abroad
* Examining national (domesti= c) policies and their potential or current effect on international business= development in-country or abroad
<= span style=3D"font-family:garamond,serif">* Creating a plan for a national = or local government to develop new or enhance current business and politica= l relationships conducive to the promotion of international business activi= ties
* Revising educational, legal, or export/import regulations to= aid in the development of international business
* Enhancing = current human resource management practices to improve the quality of candi= dates targeted for international assignments

All proj= ect participants are hired on an independent contractor basis due to the na= ture of the work and its arrangement involved. Interested parties should se= nd their CVs or resumes to the attention of Bryan Christiansen at=C2=A0globalre<= wbr>[log in to unmask].


Bryan Chri= stiansen
Chief Exe= cutive Officer

=E2=80=8B2843 East Grand River Avenue

East Lansing, Michigan= =C2=A048823
=E2=80=8B(317) 258-4957= =E2=80=8B
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