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We are happy to share with you the links to the articles of the Journal of Management Studies Special Issue:


Divide and Rule? The Emergence and Implications of Increasingly Disaggregated and Dispersed Headquarters Activities in Contemporary Firms”.


The papers offer fresh empirical and theoretical insights as well as new conceptualizations. The introductory paper also describes a wide range of research opportunities and interesting theoretical questions for example from the perspectives of Agency Theory, Information Processing Theory, and Institutional Theory.


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Phillip C. Nell, Philip Kappen and Tomi Laamanen, Guest Editors




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Reconceptualising Hierarchies: The Disaggregation and Dispersion of Headquarters in Multinational Corporations

Phillip C. Nell, Philip Kappen and Tomi Laamanen


MNE Headquarters Disaggregation: The Formation Antecedents of Regional Management Centers

Andreas P. J. Schotter, Maximilian Stallkamp and Brian C. Pinkham


Firm Bosses or Helpful Neighbours? The Ambiguity and Co-Construction of MNE Regional Management Mandates

Eva A. Alfoldi, Sara L. McGaughey and L. Jeremy Clegg


Explaining mandate loss of regional headquarters: The difference between full and partial loss

Perttu Kähäri, Iiris Saittakari, Rebecca Piekkari and Wilhelm Barner-Rasmussen


Disaggregating the Corporate Headquarters: Investor Reactions to Inversion Announcements by US Firms

Arjen H. L. Slangen, Marc Baaij and Riccardo Valboni


Global Cities, Connectivity, and the Location Choice of MNC Regional Headquarters

René Belderbos, Helen S. Du and Anthony Goerzen


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