Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to share with you a special issue of
UNCTAD’s Global Investment Trends Monitor. This special issue is based on the annual ASEAN Investment Report, a joint report prepared by the UNCTAD and ASEAN Secretariat. The Report was launched during the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit on 13 November 2017 in Manila.

Selected highlights:

The preparation of the ASEAN Investment Report by UNCTAD’s Investment Division is part of its wider programme of collaboration on investment research and policy analysis with regional organisations. UNCTAD has also contributed to the Investment Report of the CEFTA (Central European Free Trade Agreement) region, which will be launched on 21 November 2017, in parallel with the launch of UNCTAD’s Investment Policy Review of the region.

With best regards,

James X. Zhan

Director, Investment and Enterprise
Lead, World Investment Report
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
Palais des Nations, Geneva
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